YouTube’s Keyword Tool Revisited

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How to Succeed with YouTubeLast week, I told you about YouTube's Keyword Tool where you can search for keywords that people are searching for on YouTube.  That way – you can create “BENEFICIAL” videos that solve people's problems while promoting someone else's product (you grab the instant commission!)

I have seen an uproar over this technique because people value YouTube.. they see it as one of this decade's best breakthrough.  They despise people using YouTube for monetary reasons, because some people have created an enormous amount of “spam videos”.

Have you seen these videos?

They are usually.. blue background.. pointing to a website.. with a favorite song playing in the background.. with a misleading title to get you to watch it.  BUT the problem is the video is spam.

To avoid being labeled spam and possibly getting blocked – you would create a 2 minute video detailing solutions to people's problems or a complete review or one helpful hint before giving out your link. This is very important.  We want to maintain the integrity of YouTube (Leave Britney Alone!) and at the same time, we want to make it extremely profitable.

Well – take it a step further – what if you already have a product or business?  How could you use it to attract customers.. how could you use it to have people FIND you instead of you chasing them or paying money to advertise?

1.  You use the keyword tool to find the phrases and keywords that relate to your business, and then you tag and create headlines that match these terms.

2.  You respond to videos that match your market.

3.  You use Traffic Geyser to submit your video to hundreds of different video sites.

Right now – is offering readers a $1 trial to Traffic Geyser. Try it for 30 days for $1 – see if this is your traffic solution!

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