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1.  Contact Us – When you contact us, please include a small drop of DNA so we can double check your genes to make sure you have the writing gene.   You may also submit links to your past work along with your post ideas.

2.  Once we have agreed upon a topic, you'll be registered as a guest author on  You'll be given a username and password and you can write anytime you wish.   You will need to make sure your posts comply with the post guidelines.

3.  Once your blog post is reviewed by a SuperAffiliate Staff Member, you will receive a confirmation that it is approved.  Guest posts are unpaid.

Posts Guidelines

  • Posts MUST be at least 700 words.
  • 2 Links Permitted (NO AFFILIATE LINKS)
  • Posts MUST be formatted correctly with paragraphs.
  • Graphics MUST be copyright free or permission granted.
  • Posts MUST be exclusive to SuperAffiliate and not used anywhere else.

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