Who Do You Target with Keywords?

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There are three reasons for putting keywords into search engines: browsing, comparing and buying. Do you know which group you are targeting just by virtue of your keywords?

Browsers often put in generic keywords. They’re looking for information or have just started their searches and don’t know what they’re looking for so they use broad terms to explore. The search volume for generic keywords is high, but the conversion rate on your sight will be low. Most importantly, it will be nearly impossible to earn an organic ranking on page one or two with generic words.

Browsers looking for a hybrid car might use the following keywords:

  • Hybrids
  • Hybrid cars

Those using the web to compare products have a better idea of what they want. They are narrowing down their choices and possibly moving closer to the buying stage. The search volume is less for comparing keywords and the chances of getting top rankings starts to increase.    Here’s some more articles on the top 50 buying keywords.

Comparing keywords for hybrid cars might include:

  • U.S. hybrid cars
  • MPG for hybrid cars
  • Cost to drive hybrid car

Finally, when someone gets into the buying stage, the keywords get specific. The prospects know what they want and are now looking for the best deal. The search volume drops significantly and you have the best chance to make a sale if you meet their buying criteria. Use two to four words phrases rather than single keywords to make your website relevant to more buyers.

Buying keywords for hybrid cars might include:

  • Ford Fusion hybrid
  • GMC Sierra hybrid

Take some time and go through this exercise with your keywords and adjust your content to attract more of the prospects you really want.

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