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I receive an affiliate commission when you click on my affiliate links & purchase.  I give a portion of all proceeds to Alzheimer’s research as we search for a cure.  I am the sole caretaker for my 75 year old aunt who has Stage 5 Alzheimer’s so we can’t thank you enough.

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Thank you so much for visiting Super Affiliate.   We started SuperAffiliate in 2004 after I spent my college years operating a blog that documented our college experience.   Back then, there was no word for blog and I had no clue how to monetize what I was doing.

In the Beginning of Affiliate Marketing

Over the years, I have worked with some of the biggest names in the online industry helping them develop their sales funnels and improve their noi (net operating income).

In the beginning, if you’d ask me if a sales funnel could generate a million dollars, I’d say YES but it would have to target a massive audience and you’d have to enlist an army of affiliates to promote for you. 

Now if you ask me, I’d say YES and you don’t need a massive list or a massive following, you just need to solve one major problem and market the shit out of it.  I have seen a few funnels hit the $20 million dollar mark, and quite frankly, I may have overthought the process and been a little too critical of myself.

I owe myself an apology…

Can You Still Make Money Online?

Honestly, you could have a marketing sales funnel hit a million dollars next weekend.  There is no time constraint and there are no limits to the amount of money you can make with affiliate marketing (because there’s no limit to the amount of value you can put out in the universe)

The more value you put out, the more income you bring in…

When I first started this business, I jumped all-in with affiliate marketing.  I would find problems that got a ton of searches on Google, and then, I would search for solutions that would pay me an affiliate commission.

That was the perfect marriage.  Place an ad solving a problem, connect the lead to the solution and voila’ the perfect affiliate marketing combo.


What happened to Super Affiliate?

Something happened.  I had a massive back injury that left me unable to move my arms and within a few weeks, my muscles atrophied.   

I could not function could not focus could not work.

It took a few years of rehabilitation and a few years of diet/exercise to get back to…


There was just one small problem…

My brain was on fire.

I was eating cleaner than any time in my life and my brain felt like there was a raging fire going on inside.

Just when I thought it was under control, I’d eat something and boom – I’d immediately lose focus – go cloudy and try to sleep it off.


During these five years, my staff ran things while I tried to get better.  

I really felt like I was going to die soon (like this year).  I prepared my estate and my will to split everything with my family.

  • My joints were swollen.
  • My brain was on fire.
  • I could not focus.

Everything that you see that was presented online by me in the last five years took weeks to produce & edit.  It was a nightmare.

Affiliate Marketing Got Me Through Hard Times

I would not be able to do any of this if I hadn’t setup my affiliate marketing websites & sales funnels (and 15 years of content), and more importantly, setting up the automation in my online business that helped simplify everything.

And then, the solution: 

The ct scan revealed a massive concussion!

I had a concussion from my college days playing rugby.  I played rugby in college, and concussions can stay dormant and become active when you hit your 40’s.

It’s a concussion!  MY PROBLEM IS SOLVED!!

Okay… Let’s work on this concussion.  What triggers the reactions and what can I do to get this under control.

6 months later (during this year), I was back to… 


The burning sensation would not go away in my brain.    We know it’s a concussion – I’m eating all the anti-oxidizing shakes and salads. 


So I decided to take a food sensitivity test.  And whoa.  I was highly sensitive to:

  • Mushrooms,
  • Chicken,
  • Eggs,
  • Cashews,
  • Yogurt,
  • Garlic and
  • Almonds…

Or what I like to call – everything I eat on a daily basis.  No wonder my brain was on fire. But… at least it wasn’t gluten. I can eat gluten! Bring me my bread.

I cannot believe it was as simple as taking one of these online food sensitivity tests.

I cut that out immediately.  Within days, the fire in my brain was out.  After a week, I was producing at top speed again.  Within a few weeks, I was back to 100%.  Within a month, I was reading a book a day.  

I’m back. 

 Super Affiliate Training for Beginners

Welcome to the New Super Affiliate

Now, I can now say that I have 15 years of affiliate marketing experience under my belt.  I can honestly say that I have helped companies go from a one person show to a 20 person, $50 million dollar business.  I have more affiliate marketing strategies to share when it comes to making money online than I can teach on a weekly basis.

That’s why I’m relaunching Super Affiliate.  I’ll be focusing on the training and the content to deliver some of the best affiliate marketing training out there. If you haven’t subscribed to Super Affiliate’s YouTube, click here: Super Affiliate YouTube Channel

I want to share with you step by step strategies that work incredibly well right now, right now (that no one is talking about).  

My goal is to restructure the blog navigation to make it user friendly.  I need to go through 200+ blog posts to edit/delete/update what I want to keep on the site and what no longer works.   

Then, I want to create a more engaging community within Super Affiliate.  When you post a question or leave a comment or need help, I want the community to be able to jump in & discuss without a bunch of link spamming and turds trolling.

My Goals for Online Business in 2020

My goal for 2020 is to grow SuperAffiliate into a community of affiliates helping affiliates.  

Until then, please enjoy the new design and please take care of yourselves.  

There is much more work to do, much more fun to have and much more people to help!

Kit Elliott with Super Affiliate

Share and Conquer,
Kit Elliott
Super Affiliate

Super Affiliate Official Site

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