The Super Affiliate Formula: How to Become a Super Affiliate in 3 Steps

I receive an affiliate commission when you click on my affiliate links & purchase.  I give a portion of all proceeds to Alzheimer’s research as we search for a cure.  I am the sole caretaker for my 75 year old aunt who has Stage 5 Alzheimer’s so we can’t thank you enough.

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If you’ve been following our “Affiliate Marketing Guide“, then, it’s time to narrow down the affiliate marketing blueprint into 3 steps so the average marketer can get started and start seeing results quickly. Let me break down how to become a super affiliate in 3 steps and give you the blueprint to making six-figures in 2020.

The Super Affiliate Formula: How to Become a Super Affiliate in 3 Steps

Step 1: Find Affiliate Products You Want to Promote

If you’re just starting out with affiliate marketing, I recommend finding products that pay a higher commission or a residual component. Residual affiliate commissions pay you a percentage of the monthly sale.

How to Scale Your Super Affiliate Promotions for Free

What I like about products that pay a recurring or a residual affiliate commissions is that when you setup your sales process, you can scale your advertising when you find something that converts.

For example, Clickfunnels pays a percentage of each subscription. Clickfunnels plans range from $97 to $297 per month and pays 40% of each signup. The average affiliate earns between $40 and $118 per month.

When you setup your sales process and start paying for advertising, you can spend $40 to get one signup and break even. Once your sales process is at break-even or dare I say it, at a profit, then, all you have to do is raise the limit of your credit card & increase your ad budget.

The residuals will kick in 30 days later, and you’re in business baby! I like to set this up first because if you’re not seeing results immediately, you’ll get burned out just producing content. If you’re not seeing money coming in right now, you might not be motivated to produce great content.

Example Affiliate Programs that Pay a Residual

  • Clickfunnels – Not only does Clickfunnels pay high-ticket affiliate commissions, it also pays passive residuals. Also, if you refer 100 new Clickfunnel users, Clickfunnels will cover the payments on your new dream car.

Click Here to Get Started with Clickfunnels

  • Lead Pages – The Lead Pages Affiliate Program pays you 30% of all sales you generate. Most referrals who start creating pages to build their business are going to keep this one going which means passive income for your affiliate business.

Click Here to Get Started with Lead Pages

Example Affiliate Programs that Pay a High Ticket

Fiverr – Fiverr pays up to $150 for every first-time buyer. They have one of the highest converting CPA offers right now because it’s one of the most targeted, no-risk offers out there right now.

Click here to signup with Fiverr

Example Affiliate Network for Physical Products

  • ClickBank: one of the oldest and most reputable networks that takes care of everything (tracking, paying affiliates, etc.).
  • Impact: one of the easiest platforms that I have found and has a ton of digital products (Envato, Leadpages, and Camtasia).
  • JvZoo: Large digital product database with an emphasis on online marketing markets. JVZoo is not my favorite simply because of the quality of their info-products, but their software products are amazing (webinars, funnel builders).
  • RevenueWire: ecommerce for subscription businesses.

Example Affiliate Networks for Digital Products

  • Digital products usually pay better than physical products, with commissions around 50% and often even higher.

I recommend a combo of digital and physical products, here are the top affiliate networks:

Want to avoid commission theft? Check out how to find affiliate products for your niche. For the 2020’s I want to create an easy to find affiliate program / network directory. That way, if you have a sub-niche that you are looking for products to promote, you can easily use Super Affiliate’s Directory of Affiliate Programs. Stay tuned for that…

Example Affiliate Networks for Digital Products
The Super Affiliate 3 Step Blueprint

Step 2: Create a “Super Affiliate” Sales Process to Close Sales

What I like to do when I create a sales process is to “unbox” the product or service and detail out what people get when they buy the product or service. You can do that through a blog post, a YouTube video, a TikTok tutorial or a complete review page. If you need help getting your blog setup, then, click here for a complete WordPress blog setup.

Create a Bonus Offer for Your Affiliate Product Sales Page

After you’ve “unboxed” the product or service by detailing out what people get then you want to create a bonus that will help people max out their results. For example, if someone is signing up for hosting through your affiliate link, then, offer a free theme or free blog installation to help them get setup quickly. If someone signs up for Clickfunnels, then create a sales funnel for _______ (fill in an occupation) and give the sharecode to that funnel as a bonus.

You’re goal with the bonus offer is create an offer that compliments the product you’re promoting while offering exclusive resources. Then, you can start promoting it and stack more and more resources to the offer.

  • Most beginner affiliates link directly to the brand’s sales page.
  • Experienced affiliates will create a basic review page.
  • Most advanced affiliates will create a bonus with a kickass review page.
  • Then, super affiliates will continue to stack bonuses with a kickass review page.

Create a Basic 2-Step Affiliate Funnel

Now that you’ve unboxed your affiliate product or service and you’ve created an additional offer built around that product or service, it’s time to setup your basic 2-step affiliate funnel or closing process.

Now, you can setup an online opt-in page (also called a bridge page) that allows you to connect with your visitor. We recommend Lead Pages for fast and easy opt-in pages. Click here for a Free Trial to Lead Pages Pro

The best way to present the bridge page is to introduce yourself and tell your story. Tell how this product or service is going to help / improve their life. See, the sales process is just taking someone from a problem level to a problem-solved level. When you take people on this emotional journey, they will BUY from your affiliate link and you will get the commission most every time.

Then, you can follow-up with your leads through email. For email marketing, we use and recommend Aweber. There is a bit of a learning curve which we help people in our Super Affiliate Community setup and use their autoresponders.

Click here for a Free Trial to Aweber – If you click on most links on our page, we get a small commission that allows us to produce more content and grow our small business.

I’ve seen this simple 2-step process done through Facebook -> Messenger. Linked In – Connect. Tik Tok -> Bio. Snap Chat – Swipe Up. Instagram – Link in Bio. It really can be this simple.

Step 3: Get Traffic to Your “Super Affiliate” Sales Process

When I first started, Google Ads was literally a penny per click. I could pay a buck and get 100 visitors coming to my sales process. Finding a winning offer combo was the easiest thing to do in the beginning. The math worked out for every single offer I promoted from 2005 to 2011. It was insane.

Now – there are billions MORE people online & they are waiting to hear from you. It’s never been easier really. There are two ways: FREE or PAID.

How to Get Free Traffic to Your Affiliate Pages

This is where you have to do “the work” when it comes to affiliate marketing. You have to setup your blog posts & create pillar posts. You can SEO your blog posts so the search engines pick up your posts. Even then, it might not be enough traffic in the beginning.

Then, you have to distribute your content through the free channels like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram. You can even start a Facebook group and start a group following. Right now, TikTok is the biggest opportunity for gaining a following that I’ve seen since Facebook year one. Because TikTok hasn’t created a “pay to play” scheme that Facebook has. When you have followers, TikTok shows YOUR posts to them whereas Facebook still wants you to pay to promote to YOUR followers.

I’ve always say it, if you want a billion-dollar idea – create the old Facebook. When you create free content, make sure you share results (or even other people’s results) with your new audience. I’ve noticed super affiliates that really blow up, they share lifestyle videos (videos of them buying cars or traveling first-class or having a blast) while sharing their 2-step process.

How to Get Paid Traffic to Your Affiliate Offers

Now, the secret to paid traffic to find the right audience who will buy your product. For example, if you’re advertising using Google Ads, you want to pick keywords where you know your audience is ready to buy. Click here for a list of “buyer” keywords.

To save money, make sure you add negative keywords where you know people aren’t buying. For example, if members are searching for Siteground Member Login, then you know they have already bought so advertising for this keyword is a waste of money.

How to Become a Super Affiliate Conclusion

The three step affiliate marketing formula for earning six or seven figures AKA The Super Affiliate Blueprint is easier than you think. You pick a product to promote that pays a higher commission or a residual. Then, you create a 2-step sales process to get in front of your audience. Last, you pick one or two free or paid traffic strategies to get a constant stream of new leads every single day.

Share and Conquer,

Kit Elliott with Super Affiliate

P.S. For blogging, we use and recommend Siteground to host our WordPress blog.

Click here for a free trial to Siteground.

Click here for our how to start a blog tutorial.

For easy lead capture pages, we use and recommend Lead Pages. The pro plan will save you money.

Click here for a free trial to Lead Pages Pro

3 Steps to affiliate commissions

Download The Free Report: The Three Step Formula for Earning “Super Affiliate” Commissions

How to Start a Blog PDF ReportClick here to Download the “Super Affiliate” Guide

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    This is great stuff Kit. I would like to reach out and see if we can joint venture. We provide themes for Elementor and can do any design/programming work for your readers.

    Let me know how to get in touch.

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    Wondering if you would like to partner with WooThemes and become an affiliate (or recruit affiliates) for our upcoming launch? I think it would fit perfectly with your how to start a blog training series.

    Let me know and I’ll setup an account for you.


    1. Kit Elliott

      That’d be great, Maria,

      You know the more times I link to How to Start a Blog, the more SEO link juice I get.

      Let me check first to see if I have an affiliate account already.

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    I really want this theme that you’re using Kit. What is this?

  7. Shawn

    I’m noticing this 2-step process you mentioned – the gurus and top earners are using YouTube – Link or Instagram to Link and skipping the blog. Do you recommend that?

    1. Kit Elliott

      Hey Shawn,

      Yes! The trick is to simplify this process.

      1. Create a distribution channel to distribute your content via ALL social media outlets.

      2. Create the call to action to get people to click & take action.

      3. Store all that information on a blog so you get picked up by the search engines.

      4. That way – your archives live on forever & you truly start creating a passive income with affiliate marketing.

      5. Because… if you rely on one source like YouTube, then you run the risk of it becoming a Myspace or a Vine or a Periscope or a dormant we all moved on to the newest platform.

      Let’s create a challenge: 2020 Challenge.

      20 Videos – 20 Blog Posts with 20 Call to Actions

      Do this every month and at the end of 2020, you will have 240 Videos on 240 Blog Posts and 240 Call to Actions.

      Advanced: Pay for advertising to each blog post.

      Advanced: Pay for advertising to each landing page -> blog post -> follow-up via email.

      Let’s do this!

      Share and Conquer,
      Kit Elliott
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    I’m looking to create a review website for affiliate commissions. Do you have any training?

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    1. Kit Elliott

      Hiya David,

      I can’t wait to share with you our blueprint for the 2020’s. It is going to be everywhere.


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    These are really fantastic ideas in regarding blogging.

  11. Gabriel

    I’m 16 years old. Do you have to be 18 to make money with affiliate marketing?

    1. Kit Elliott

      Hey Gabriel,

      I don’t think there’s an age limit & if there is, put it in your mom’s name. They will mail or deposit checks in her name (and give her 30% to pay the taxes). Then, start cranking out content using YouTube/TikTok/Instragram and then, organize that content on a blog for SEO & long-term traffic.

      Once you start, you’ll be so good at this by the time you’re 18 that you’ll be cranking out one a day. The more value you put out in the universe, the more money you make. Since you can provide unlimited value, you can create unlimited money. It starts with loving the process of creating/distributing content & then, monetizing it with ads and affiliate marketing.


      Let’s go. Keep us in the loop of your progress. I’ll feature you on this site.


      Share and Conquer,
      Kit Elliott
      Super Affiliate

  12. David

    Awesome stuff Kit. You’re killing the affiliate marketing space.

  13. Barbara

    I went through the Unstoppable Affiliate second class at the beginning of this year. I am now up to $1300 per month with just affiliate commissions.

    Just wanted to say if you’re on the fence or having any doubts, jump all-in with the training. The training will give you the confidence to pick a niche and narrow your focus. Before the training, I was all over the place. Once I narrowed my focus it became 10x easier.

    Thanks to the Super Affiliate Team and Kit Elliottt.

    Barbara Jones

    1. Kit Elliott

      Thanks Barbara! You are absolutely crushing it.

      Share and Conquer,
      Kit Elliott
      Super Affiliate

  14. Matt

    Since you got on the phone with me last month without charging me, I would like to sign up through your affiliate link for hosting. I like the fact that you still go all out for people just starting out without asking anything in return.

    What is your affiliate link to Siteground?

    – Matt

    1. Kit Elliott

      Hey Matt,

      Thanks so much for the kind words. My affiliate link to Siteground is:

      I created that specially for you & when you signup, you get access to the Unstoppable Affiliate On Demand Course.

      Can’t wait to see your new website!

      Share and Conquer,
      Kit Elliott

  15. Eddie T.

    Do you have any examples of landing pages for different products?

    1. Kit Elliott

      Yes I do. Can you message me inside Unstoppable Affiliate?

      I’ll hook you up with templates & also specific niche templates that I use.


      Share and Conquer,
      Kit Elliott
      Super Affiliate

  16. Alsandra

    Thank you Kit! This really explains it very clearly. I need to find a niche now.

    1. Kit Elliott

      Thanks Sandy,

      I really think focusing on activities with your dad (is your niche). You told me that you liked golf lessons when your dad was teaching them. Golf is one of the most underrated niches and not a ton of competition especially with this positioning. Let’s create a brand & drop in a blog and start distributing your content throughout your channels. Then, use this 3-step strategy to build a list & start connecting with them on a weekly basis.

      Click here to start your blog.


      P.S. Once you have a focus, the content is never-ending and easy to create.

  17. Brian

    I tried creating landing pages with Elementor but they are just not as professional as Clickfunnels or Leadpages. Do you have a preferrence?

    1. Kit Elliott

      Yeah I really hope Elementor focuses on product funnels and lead capture pages as one of their updates. There are not many companies making templates like Clickfunnels or Leadpages for Elementor.

      What I would do is signup with LeadPages (maybe get their $15 per month plan if you’re on a budget) and then, use their WordPress plugin to drop whatever you create into your site. Very easy.

      Click here for the Free Trial to Leadpages


      P.S. We get a small commission from Leadpages. I think it’s less than $5 on their smallest package, but it all adds up and helps us create more content.

    2. Kit Elliott

      For quick landing pages and opt-in pages and bonus pages, try Lead Pages.

      When you start selling your own products / services / coaching, then switch to Clickfunnels.

      Click Here for a Free Trial to Lead Pages Pro

      This is my affiliate link. I get $4 and some change from the cheapest plan. Let me know what you build out and I’ll have my copywriter create a sizzlin headline for you as a bonus for signing up through my affiliate link.


      Share and Conquer,
      Kit Elliott
      Super Affiliate

  18. Zach

    I love the animated text on the small thumbnail. Do you use a service for that?

  19. Jerry Dean

    I’ve made the most money with these three steps and just using Facebook groups. I can tell you firsthand this works. The traffic source makes all the difference.

  20. Morgan

    I’m in the weight loss niche. Do you have a affiliate network or programs for my tribe?

    Also – I’m loving the new content. This is something I can see everyone doing for their business.

  21. Johan

    I did setup my blog using your tutorial. How does LeadPages fit into this?


    1. Kit Elliott

      Hey Johan,

      When you start your advertising, you want to start building your list. Leadpages offers done-for-you professional landing pages for your traffic. Download the Lead Pages plugin and then, you can publish whatever you create inside Lead Pages right on your new blog.

      Click Here for Free Trial to Lead Pages

      Let me know what you create & I’ll have my copywriter edit your first landing page as a bonus for signing up through my affiliate link.


      Share and Conquer,
      Kit Elliott
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  22. Doug

    How does Fiverr afford to pay $150 per referral for a $5 service?

    1. Kit Elliott

      Hey Doug,

      People are making 6-7 figures easily with Fiverr. You find a service (like writing resumes) and you charge $50 to $300. It takes 6-7 clients per week for you to hit the six figure mark. I bet they know that once you use Fiverr, you’ll buy again and again.


      Share and Conquer,
      Kit Elliott
      Super Affiliate

  23. Terry

    I have not made as much money with Clickbank as I should since I’m paying for Google Ads and targeting the right keywords. Can you take a look at my affiliate funnel without telling anyone?

    Thanks Kit,

    1. Kit Elliott

      Hey Terry,

      One thing you have to watch out for is Commission Theft with Clickbank. I don’t like getting into the weeds with the bad reviews, but I recently alerted Clickbank to this problem. They said they couldn’t recreate the problem.

      Click Here to See Affiliate Commission Theft

      I’m able to recreate & screenshot the problem.


  24. Sarah Johnson

    This is so good Kit! THANK YOU!

    1. Kit Elliott

      Thank you, Sarah!

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    I’m wanting a video walkthrough of how to set this up wiht Lead Pages?

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    Is there a guy on Fiverr creating PDF’s of blog posts? That is next level!

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    What is the most profitable niche? I think yoga is kinda boring.

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    What is TikTok? I have never heard of TikTok??

  29. Kit Elliott

    Let me know if you have an affiliate landing page that needs reviewed, I’ll be happy to offer suggestions & even grab my copywriter for higher conversions.

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