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The Hottest WordPress Themes for News – Download These News WordPress Themes!

The Hottest WordPress Themes for News – Download These News WordPress Themes!

Looking for a WordPress News Theme?

I first switched over to WordPress 7 years ago when I learned the top news organizations were using WordPress and just customized their theme.  Now, you can easily install their theme and have a ready to go news site up and running within an hour.  Companies like CNN, Yahoo, Huffington Post, Fox News, Perez Hilton, and millions more have made the switch and continue to use WordPress today.   If you think about it, each news organization serves a different niche of society:  Young Gossip Queens and that's just Fox News. Maybe you can pick a new niche to serve.

So if you're looking for a News Theme for WordPress, here are three that are easy to plug into and ready for content.  Check 'em out.

The News WordPress Theme #1

Wordress Theme for News Blogs

Click Here to Check Out This Theme for Under $39

Looking to Start the Next Huffington Post?

Wordpress Theme like Huffington Post

Click Here to Check Out The Huffington Post Theme

Download the News Theme #3:

 Wordpress News Theme like Yahoo and CNN

Click Here to Check Out This News WordPress Theme

Items You Need to Start a News Website


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