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WOW! WOW! WOW! Every great while, a show comes out that is a dream for marketers.  Last year, it was The Big Idea, but after a couple of episodes – I was left really bored.  This year –

I have a new favorite TV show – called “Pitchmen!”  And I think all marketers and entrepreneurs are going to love this show.

Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan are the two infomercial guys, and the show is a heart racing peak behind inventions and how they get on tv.  As a student of marketing, I see so much psychology of selling packed into one show.  They break down the psychology of selling into four different points:  Repeat, Repeat, Repeat is the first part of the infomercial format.  Buyers tune out commercials and ads, so it's the pitchmen's job to enthusiastically repeat the benefits of the product. Then, each product has to come with a “story”.  I'm watching it right now, and each inventor has a “inspiring, motivational, success” story.  This is the second part to selling:  tugging at the emotional strings.  Watch as they add a simple emotional tug like a mom using the product and having the extra time to spend with her family or someone using the “double saw” to save lives.  And then, close the deal.  When you buy now, we'll throw in a second for free!  That's two blades for the price of one.  :0)

Check out the 30 second preview below and let's watch it together:


I've got it on my recording schedule – let me know how you like the show!

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