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I receive an affiliate commission when you click on my affiliate links & purchase.  I give a portion of all proceeds to Alzheimer’s research as we search for a cure.  I am the sole caretaker for my 75 year old aunt who has Stage 5 Alzheimer’s so we can’t thank you enough.

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Welcome to SuperAffiliate.

Hi!  I'm Kit Elliott, SuperAffiliate.  Five years ago, I was working 60 to 80 hours per week teaching 6th grade Science.  It was during my summer off that I read Rosalind Gardner's “Super Affiliate Handbook”.  I made a few bucks.

I quietly worked the weekends on my little internet hobby.

Then, the next summer off, I quickly put most of the strategies into action.  I learned all I could from pay per click to article marketing to picking niches to platform speaking.  School started again…
I quietly worked the weekends on my little internet hobby.

Our students were passing TAKS at around the 62% mark.  You could say we were one of the lowest performing schools in the state of Texas.  Our team went to work.  We developed success systems around good study habits, positive self image, organizational skills, and time management.

Our percentages raised a little.

to 100%!!!

We hit the jackpot.  It was the year of celebrations.  Our students changed their mindset, and they changed their life.  Thanks to the internet, I'm able to continue my teacher role and serve as a positive role model to my class of 110. :0)

That year was a big eye-opener for me.  I looked at my salary as a teacher ($38,000) and then, I looked at my salary as an affiliate marketer ($42,000).  I had made more working part-time on the weekends then working 60 to 80 hours per week.

I quickly made the change.  I remember when I informed my principal that I would be working for myself.   I had sudden panic attacks.

What if..

What if this was a “beginner's luck” year..

What if my PPC campaigns don't convert like they did…

Then, I realized I would have 60 to 80 hours freed up to worry about that.  I quickly went to work.  I created systems for managing my PPC campaigns, joint venturing, outsourcing, product development, and more.

I am finally free..

So I had $42,000 in my account from affiliate marketing in May..

In June, thanks to these success systems, my profits began to rise..

I made $46,000 for the whole month of June.

I had made more in one month than one year of teaching and one year of affiliate marketing.

In July, my profits increased to $64,000.

In August, my profits soared to $128,000.

Quickly surpassing the coveted ONE MILLION mark for the year!

Now, I team up with successful gurus to develop success systems for their business.  And most importantly, My team tests out new strategies that the ever-changing guru's release, and sometimes, we develop our own by accident.

Our goal is to spend our money on the system.

Test it out.. Make some errors.. and Make it profitable.

When we do – we report back to you. It's that simple.  If it's a dud, We'll let you know.  If it's making money, We'll give you the “exact” formula that you can apply in ANY niche.

Sound good?

Probably once or month or so, I'll report back to you.  Sign up below, and I promise to only deliver these new strategies and secrets in a “reveal all” fashion, and I'll let you know what mistakes and errors to avoid.

If you would like to get on my update list, please email me at kit at I'm not trying to build quantity; I'm trying to build very interested, active affiliates who want to become super affiliates.

Onwards and Upwards,
Kit Elliott

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  1. Bernie Browning

    Great article and I would like to learn more. My wife has alhimerz and I cant afford to spend on all the products that cme to market. I am happy to find a site that tests them and gives honest feed back.

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