STEP BY STEP FORMULA: How to Turn $500 into $5,000 in The Number One Converting Affiliate Niche

I receive an affiliate commission when you click on my affiliate links & purchase.  I give a portion of all proceeds to Alzheimer’s research as we search for a cure.  I am the sole caretaker for my 75 year old aunt who has Stage 5 Alzheimer’s so we can’t thank you enough.

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The Best Converting Affiliate Strategies

It's Kit Elliott with another great week for online profits.  For me – there are three affiliate strategies that seem to convert at the highest.  The first strategy is providing the solution to people's problems. The second strategy is targeting people's hobbies with the product (i.e. dog training or golf strategies).  The third strategy is targeting people's favorite coaches and authors to their books and training.   These all have one thing in common:  MARKET MATCH!  It's like getting paid to play the match game.

Today, I wanted to share a formula that I first figured out in 2005 when I posted an article that got re-printed in a newsletter that went out to 100,000 readers.  I quickly netted a cool $10,000 in 1 week from that article.

This micro-niche is really hot if you drill down to the absolute pinpoint buyer (and it's easy to do).

The Most Profitable Affiliate Niche

This is in the top five niches for sure, and if you include it in all of the health niche, then it is number one.  The number one affiliate niche is ailments.  And the reason it's so hot is that people are searching for a way to cure or get rid of their ailments.  Am I right?  How many times have you gotten “something” and searched for a way to get rid of it.   This would be the first step in drilling down the ailment niche.  You have to get really specific.  What's the one thing that you want to get rid of but didn't want to tell anybody you wanted to get rid of it?

  • Grey hair..
  • Bumps on your penis..
  • Warts..
  • Low self esteem..
  • Skinny body..
  • No muscles..
  • Big nose..
  • Pessimistic moods..
  • Small boobs..
  • Funky breath..
  • Butt rash..
  • Balding.. Receding Hairlines..
  • Acne..
  • Manboobs..
  • Quit Smoking..
  • Hangovers..
  • Acid Reflux..
  • Panic Attacks..

The list goes on and on and keeps changing as we evolve. These are the problems that people want instant solutions for, and they are willing to pay any price, which means great commissions for you! SO I just made you a list..

Add the ailment to search words like, “How to get rid of.. ” or “How to cure..” or “How to solve”.. “how do I fix it”..   These words signal that this person is seriously looking for a solution and may be willing to spend some money solving it.

Now, you have to find affiliate products that tie perfectly with each ailment.  So pick one ailment above.. and search for products that solve or cure your manboobs.. :0) (or any of the ailments).  Once you find the product – grab your affiliate link and move to part 3.

Now, you've drilled down the ailment.. you have your affiliate links.. now, it's time to find some forums where people are discussing the problem.  Once you find that people are discussing this problem in multiple forums – you can post on the forum and offer your solution.  You'll find that the more you discuss it – the more sales you make.  The problem you'll run into is that you will work all day by yourself and make a cool $50 to $100.  Not bad.  It beats getting dressed, driving to work, and becoming a corporate slave for the same amount of money.  The trick is taking $500 and outsource to those who will search for blogs, forums, articles and leave comments for you (which happen to solve the problem using YOUR affiliate link).


Rinse and Repeat..

The Step by Step Affiliate Strategy

  1. Drill Down the Ailment
  2. Find Product/Solution to Promote
  3. Leave Comments Where People Are Talking About Ailment
  4. Outsource
  5. Find New Ailment and Repeat

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This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. Dennis

    I like the idea of generating traffic through blog and forum posting, however isn’t this black hat SEO? I suppose one does just drop the affiliate link directly to the merchant site and not to own landing page or website?

  2. Juan G Garcia

    Hi Elliot. Excellent site, I put it on my fav. I have the same problem that Oto, but the difference is that I earned $8.50 from Adsense. I have to restart from beginning. I will be reading you.

    1. Kit Elliott

      There is a formula here:

      1. You have the niche..
      2. You need a backlinking, SEO and traffic strategy.. once you build that up then –

      3. You’ll see the adsense earnings shoot up to $100 per day..
      4. Then, you can add a lot of stuff to it for the monetization part:

      – Sell your own ebook.
      – Add Opt-In with Aweber
      – Followup with Affiliate Offers and Recommendations
      – Create New Posts..


  3. Oto

    Hi Kit,

    You blow my mind. I have been on the internet and i have never made a dime!

    Why? I know my problem. Information Overload?

    How do you think I can overcome this problem?

    Kindly talk to me!

    1. Kit Elliott

      Oh yeah – the big information overload.

      YES! Many people have the same problem. I think the easiest solution is this:

      #1: UNSUBSCRIBE from people who do not provide value. YOU know who those people are.. you get an offer every single day to this and that.. WSO of the day.. software.. everything imaginable without ever gaining the foundation for making a $1.

      #2: THEN Pick a formula that you think will work. I can do a search and find 30 to 40 different formulas from videos to articles to forums to ppc to blogs.. pick one!

      Start with ONE! Work it step by step until it works. I suspect you might give up or not go big enough.. My first commission came in 2005 from an idiotic niche on how to win the lottery! HILARIOUS. But that paid me $50 over and over again because I targeted page one of Google with those keywords.

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