Stationary Twitter Plug-In For Your Website or Blog

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Add This Twitter Follow ME Plugin To Your Website
Add This Twitter Follow ME Plugin To Your Website


Have you seen the stationary Twitter Follow-Me icons on most blogs and websites? Well I finally figured out how to easily copy and paste some code so it will show up on your website.

Click on the keyword below to immediately be taken to Twitter Badge:

Stationary Twitter Badge For Websites and Blogs

It’s a simple 1-2-3 step process for installing your new twitter badge:

1.  Enter Your Twitter Account

2.  Customize Your Badge (Select Color and Select Left or Right Side)

3.  Copy and Paste Code in Your Blog or Website

Easy and Enjoy!

Keywords:  Twitter Plugins

Stationary Twitter HTML Code

Twitter HTML Code


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  1. Sebastian Melmoth

    Yes thank you. It works great on my website.

  2. Casey

    Thanks for the post. This thing is great.

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