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Start Your Own Pinterest Blog – The Two Ingredients for The Pinterest Theme

Start Your Own Pinterest Blog – The Two Ingredients for The Pinterest Theme

The Pinterest WordPress ThemeLooking for a Pinterest WordPress Theme?

If you've been sleeping under a rock for the past 60 days, then you may have missed of the fastest growing trend on the internet:  Pinterest.  Pinterest is a social photo sharing site with a great twist.  They allow you to PIN your interests and share them with others.  Somehow, it's turned into the latest addiction with over 11 million users per week.  So this model really works.  (AND before the venture capitalists came in – it was funded by the affiliate model.  Each link was cloaked with Pinterest's affiliate link).  It's brilliant.

Would You Like to Start Your Own Pinterest Website?

I found a Pinterest WordPress Theme that you're going to love.

Wordpress Theme like Pinterest

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Looking to Start the New Pinterest Website?

Here are a few facts about Pinterest (and the Pinterest Theme).   They started in beta in 2009.  In 2010 – they started to gain traction, and in 2011 – based on their affiliate numbers and the number of users, they were able to secure venture capital money to the tune of $37 million dollars.

What is Pinterest Value and Can This Pinterest WordPress Theme Do The Same?

As the venture captalists moved in, they value the company at $200 million dollars.  How's that for 2 years of hard work?


Items You Need to Start a Pinterest WordPress Website


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  1. Great theme! This pinterest theme is getting more traffic in the world…I used pinterest theme in apptha..really nice features…

  2. I noticed you took down the PIN IT app. Why?

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