Proof Positive

  • Average $43,000 per month in commissions for past five years.
  • Received $331,000 in Website Templates and Themes Commissions.
  • Received $221,000 in Reprint/Resell Licenses in 30 Days.
  • $750,000 Commission in 30 Days Selling Ad Space
  • Charged $6,000 Per Seat to My Own Live Seminar
  • Launched $1,000 Physical Product – DVD Set of Live Seminar and Sold 150 Copies in 30 Days to In-House List!
  • Published a Book Called, Traffic Blast!
  • Launched, The Affiliate Marketing Q&A Blog
  • Launched Pay Per Click Traffic Company, The Click Agency
    • 7-Figure Advertising Company
  • Consulted, Built & Launched Three Affiliate Marketing Systems
    • Generated 7 Figures in Commission within 90 Days
With Zero Facebook Social Game…

Welcome to My name is Kit Elliott, and I'm the founder of My mission to help YOU become successful with your own online business. Five years ago, I was teaching school in South Dallas working 60 to 80 hours per week. When I started, my kids were passing TAKS at a 62% passing rate. I quickly created teams who implemented my success systems for doing homework, studying, peer tutoring, parents, test taking, and more. (yep – it was the parents who needed the most help)

After one year, my TAKS passing rate increased. It went from 62% to 100% of my kids passing TAKS. We hit a home run and the celebration began! And after working 60 to 80 hours per week, we desperately needed the summers off to readjust our bodies after taking a stress beating. (Teachers know what I'm talking about). Well it was during this summer off that I fell in love with Affiliate marketing, and I created the same systems for affiliate marketing as I did teaching.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing – verb – Getting paid to promote other people's products.

(usually you get paid per sale, but you can also get paid per lead, per click, per impression, per post, brokering, and more) Anyone who has a product for sale can recruit affiliates or “sales agents” to sell their product. These “affiliates” or “sales agents” get their own personalized link. When someone clicks on that link, the “affiliate” or “sales agent” gets an automatic commission. It's all tracked and paid out online.

To get started quickly, affiliates sign up with affiliate networks like Clickbank and Commission Junction and they provide you with your own special link. When someone clicks on that link and buys something, you get a commission. It's that simple. The beauty of Affiliate marketing is there are no products to ship, no inventory, no face to face selling, and no customer service hassles. It's the ULTIMATE home-based business that doesn't require the 60 to 80 hour stressful work week.

If you would like to get started with Affiliate marketing or if you are already doing it, please tune in to my website for one on one training, product development and testing, and affiliate step by step videos, articles, and training. My team is here to help you with your online business and developing it into a monthly money-maker so you can go live your life!

TMI About Me:

I grew up in Amarillo, TX where my father was a railroad engineer and my mom had the hardest full-job raising 5 kids. Yeah – I wish I would have known what I know now, maybe, I would have created teams and helped out a little more.

When I turned 17, I became assistant to a famous realtor who I did not know at the time was a masterful marketer. He taught me marketing 101.

My 18th birthday – I took the real estate license exam and became a Texas certified Realtor working in Texas. People mistook my name, “Kit” for “kid” and word started spreading around Amarillo. (I looked 12 at the time)

When the average home in Amarillo was $50,000, I sold $500,000 worth my first month out. INSTANT SUCCESS!

But you know something – I've always been the type of person who thinks larger than life.. I always have this persistent thought of “What am I working all these long hours for?”

  • What am I doing..
  • What's my purpose..
  • What's my passion..
  • Where will I leave my mark..
  • How can I make a big difference in this world..

And so I attended the University of North Texas to become a teacher and really make a difference.. leave my mark.. find my purpose..

I played Rugby at the University of North Texas, and got my Education Degree as well.. where I graduated in 2003.

I was beat up, battered, bruised, and barely survived UNT…

In 2003, I landed a 6th Grade Science teacher position where I was even more beat up, battered, bruised and barely survived..

Can you answer that question? Which is more brutal?


(which is where we started at the very top.. you now know the rest of the story…)

What am I doing today?


Can you believe that was SuperAffiliate back in 2007? I went back to 2005 & at that time, it was just a one page HTML site where I promoted Affiliate Marketing books & traffic courses on this site. When I look at this from 2007 – I see nothing has really changed. Find a niche. Build a Website. List Building Strategies. Email Marketing.

The biggest eye-opener came in 2004 when I spent $20 and made $25. I looked around and yelled, “I made $25!” When in reality – I had profited $5. I thought – Sheesh! I can't quit my day job with these kinds of numbers.

So I created a solution. If I promote products and services that pay a residual where I sell one product/service and get paid every month. So that's what I did! So now – my $5 profit came in every month.

Then – I scaled it! I promoted anything and everything that paid a monthly residual. I plugged them into marketing system after marketing system and guess what? After one year – I quit my day job! I made more in one month than in one year of teaching. is the community of people who want to grow their online profits. It’s marketing.. It’s web development.. it’s design.. it’s psychology and copywriting.. it’s traffic and SEO.. it’s social media and building relationships.. and it will help improve your bottom line!

Problems with Internet Marketing Blogs

For the longest time, I subscribed to all the internet marketing guru's untilI started noticing trends in everything they did. It looked something like this: Send email promoting something that is over-priced that I can't afford and send a different one OVER AND OVER again everyday. That trend drove me nuts and continues to drive me nuts. I felt marketed TO and didn't really feel they delivered real value to my business.

That's why I started I want to give real people real strategies to grow their business.. to work from home.. to create the residual income they need to live their life. My goal is to share with you step by step how I work from home.. how I build websites.. how I market websites.. and how I make money online without blasting you with more things to buy.. or crapping up my site with over-priced training crap.

Here – you get my promise.. My promise to deliver real value.. help you whenever I can.. and make this a real community of real people working from home. This is SUPER AFFILIATE! (light the beacons)

Let's get it started….

To your online success,
Kit Elliott

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