Simple Graphic Editing Trick for Beginners

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Super Affiliate’s Trick to Adding Text to Graphics

Level: Elementary

It’s a great week for online profits! I received an email from one of my hearing impaired customers.  First thanks for your kind words.  It’s my passion to show you exactly how to get started with your own online business in the least amount of time with the least amount of money.

Jennifer C. from Boston, MA, USA would like to see in video how I created the graphics for  And to be fair, I remember when I first started my online business.  Book after book after training after seminar after seminar – all designed for the advanced marketer and it was very difficult to find a step by step training for beginners.

How do I take a photograph and add text to it to create the perfect graphic?

First, I pick out my perfect photograph at

Second, I use  I am NOT a graphic designer so it took a couple of months to find a graphic editing program for those who have no graphic experience.  My main goal is to add text to a graphic.. resize.. crop.. and upload.  So PhotoElf is the easiest tool I have found.  It’s definitely NOT a graphic designer’s dream, but it will work for most people who need a quick, easy solution.

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