Residual Income and Two Tier and Many Tiers

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The Machines Are Coming!
The Machines Are Coming!

I talk alot about changing the HOW and the WHAT in your mindset.  “HOW” you view the way you make money.  It's not about working 9 to 5 until you are 65 and then you're free to live your life.


It's about living your life how you WANT to live it not how you're forced to live because of financial struggle.  And the WHAT – is – what you spend you're money on.  Are you spending your money to make money?  Are you putting your money in IRA's, Securities, Real Estate?

Before you quit your day job, you must absolutely know you have an amount of money coming in for you next month that will cover what you need.  YOU HAVE AN AMOUNT in your head, right?

You do this through promoting products and services that pay a residual income.. on one tier, two tiers, or many tiers.

The one tier – Right now, you can promote services like Aweber who will pay you every month per active referral.  So if you send just 1 person – you get a check every single month as long as they remain a member.  This is the KEY to building your monthly residual.

Click Here to Promote Sam Crowley's Best Seller That Pays a Residual

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The two tier – Now – same thing as above except you add an element of the second tier.  Now, if those you refer make any sales – you get paid a percentage of what they do.  You start earning a residual on other people's efforts.  It's a win-win for both of you and it's easy money for you.

Click Here if You Want to Promote Sam Crowley's Product and Earn a Residual on the 2nd Tier

Click Here if You Want to Earn a Residual From SuperAffiliate on the 2nd Tier

Many Tiers – Now – same thing as above except now you have an entire network making sales and you earn a percentage of each sale.  Now, instead of making money off of ONE referral, you make a percentage off your entire team.  This is where you start earning 5 to 6 figures per month if you build and motivate your team.

Click Here if You Would Like to Get Paid on Your Entire Network

This is KEY to building up your monthly income and getting paid a growing, recurring income!

Onwards and Upwards

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Kit Elliott

Welcome to SuperAffiliate. I'm Kit Elliott, founder & creator of SuperAffiliate. My goal is share with you strategies that will help your side-hustle game while helping you build a true passive residual income. After 15 years and $50,000,000 in sales, it's time to do all the good I can for all the people I can in all the ways I can for as long as I can to "live a great story!". Let's get started...


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