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Push Button Review Site Templates



Last week, when I spoke in Dallas, TX to a small group of online marketers – one question that always pops up is, “Where can I find a good designer?”

Well – I always answer with Elance or Rent a Coder, but later on, people say that it's hard to choose or the quality is not there.

And then, I ran across this package.   These templates are “AMAZING IMPACT” first-impression design.  The great news – you can customize these templates to whatever you want, and I think you get 12 per month.

It's worth getting just to have around when you need them.. I'm always pulling templates from a folder on my desktop and it doesn't hurt to have some good ones lying around.

Click my keyword below to see what I'm talking about:

High Quality Website Templates

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  1. ComicGuy

    Just a quick question – I wish to use the superman logo on my site as well – how did you get approval from Time Warner and DC Comics?

    1. Kit Elliott


      I purchased this graphic at iStockPhoto! They have so many different characters – you are bound to find one you like.


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