How to find which type of content can get maximum clicks


Hello Everyone,

Well, I run a couple of affiliate websites.

I'm running into the same issues again & again, I'll explain with an example.

Some page has great CTR almost 20 -30%( Affiliate links redirects) but one of my main page has the highest amount of traffic but still struggles to reach a CTR 5% average.

I've tried my A/B test but I managed to get it from 3% to 5% max, It looks like I'm missing puzzles from a content perspective.

How can I find what my audience wants?


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  1. The answer to this question is to find out what problems your market is having… solve those problems by directing them to the solutions. (through your affiliate link)

    Find out what the competition is doing by looking at your current customer base. Dig deeper to find a niche market that they are overlooking. I’ve seen the backoffices of MAJOR $25 million dollar websites, and they really know their target & then, they narrow it down to pick off a slice of that market.

    They don’t just do weight loss – they do weight loss for busy doctors.
    They don’t just do life coaching – they do life coaching for people who want to lose 100 pounds or more.

    Narrowing down your niche & then, solving that narrow niche’s pain will yield the biggest results for you.

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