Have you used Solo Ads in your marketing?


I've been doing solo ads and wondering if you used them for your funnels?  Do you have any vendors?

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  1. You’ll want to go to http://www.OrderSoloAds.com and search for solo ad providers who provide actual buyers.

    Those are listed by percentage & you can filter by MOST to LEAST.

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  2. Solo Ads work for front-end offers with upsells.

    I sent 1,000 clicks to a $7 front-end funnel.

    We captured the leads & had 37 buyers on the front-end. They love the $7 offers.

    Then, on the backend we had 3 people take the back-end offer.

    That paid us an additional $3,000.

    So we took our initial $400 advertising budget and turned it into $3,259.

    Yes, Solo Ads do work but you have to capture & follow-up with your leads.

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