Question and Answer: How to Offer a Free Ebook and Where to Store that Information?

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From our Traffic Tuesdays – this question came in from Johnny Optimist…

Those are great ways to get people to sign up. Do you have any suggested ways, plug-ins, or other easy install options to capture the email address in the first place? Preferably something that doesn’t involve much if any codeing.

IE – If I have a ebook I want to offer, how do I set it up to allow access after a email account has been input and verified. Also is there a plug-in that will ask the user for the email address, send a auto-response to that address with the verify code, and send a second email with the link to the ebook or ebook attached? Even then, where do these names get stored?

For newbies just starting out, these fees can be a nightmare and they quickly add up (try it on a teacher's salary or a work at home mom's salary).  For this service above, you would need to pay $19 per month for an autoresponder service.  You're looking to collect information, deliver an ebook and follow-up.  I use two services right now for different sites:

Aweber and GetInfusionsoft

How to Offer a Free EbookWe have joint ventured with Aweber to bring you a FULL Video Training Series for people who need the full walkthrough..  Click Here for Step by Step Training.  I use GetInfusionsoft because they have 1,000 times more features, flexibility, and control!  (Although, they need to pay affiliates the residual instead of a one-time see ya later fee.  That still gets me!)

So the bad news: $19 a month.

The Good News: Start Building Relationships Now! AND you can try it out for a $1 through our joint venture with them.  You should see my logo (wealthworldtouch) next to theirs and when you signup for $1, you'll receive the training every week from me.

Onwards and Upwards,


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  1. Allan Mearns

    I totally agree.

    “For newbies just starting out, these fees can be a nightmare and they quickly add up”

    And when you finally do sign up to any program there are always the extra programs you have to purchase in order to follow the instructions in the original program you just bought.

    Yeah; you know, the one where you only need to click three buttons to make a 6 figure a month income.

    I too had not heard of the GetInfusionSoft. thanks for the tip I’ll check them out.

    Baby Boomers days

  2. Johnny Optimist

    Perfect! Thanks for that help, that is the info I was looking for. I recognize the AWeber name from seeing it in the emails from newsletters I had already signed up for, but hadn’t heard of the GetInfusionSoft.

    Thanks to Deb as well for responding to me via email. I appreciate it.

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