Problems with Affiliate Marketing and My Upcoming Launch to Solve These Problems!

I receive an affiliate commission when you click on my affiliate links & purchase.  I give a portion of all proceeds to Alzheimer’s research as we search for a cure.  I am the sole caretaker for my 75 year old aunt who has Stage 5 Alzheimer’s so we can’t thank you enough.

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John Reese is Launching an Affiliate Training Membership Site!
John Reese is Launching an Affiliate Training Membership Site!

You know John Reese just sent me an image of a napkin with his notes about Affiliate marketing.   On the napkin he states that affiliate marketing has been the best way to start a business because there are no products to ship, no customer service, and your business can run on virtual autopilot.

These are fine.  But there are major challenges with affiliate marketing.  You must stay ahead of the curve, because one day you build your income up to $100K a year, just to have your advertising channel change the terms on you.  Your $100K a year business just dropped to $10K a year overnight.

Time to re-invent yourself.

Second, I remember a couple of years ago, I was attending the Eben Pagan “TOP GUN” Training.  Mark Joyner was on stage talking about the problems he was facing with affiliate marketing.

Mark has a very responsive list.  When Mark says FREE – his list still pays him.  They love him, and I like Mark.  He comes across as a GREAT person.

Well, Mark was having problems with his JV partners.  Every guru wanted Mark to promote their product..  They would supply Mark with an affiliate link and Mark would go to his list and say, “HEY!  So and So is releasing something soon…”

And Mark's list would check it out.  And the guru would capture Mark's list.  Well, this went on for the year until the GURU'S didn't call Mark back for the next launch.  They didn't have to.  They had already captured his list and leads so they could resell to them over and over again.  Do you see the problem?

Usually you get paid ONE time and not on future sales.  This is a HUGE problem for affiliate marketers. If this was in person, it's like you delivering a customer to that company.  Any future sales, you should get paid on.

Problem #3: So you deliver customers to the company.  That's easy.  Click on any links to the right side – and I can drive customers to an offer.  So your customer signs up, you get paid.  YEE-HAW!

Well, then that customer will get the “PROMOTE US” email.  That company will go to your customer and pay them a commission to promote them.  So now, the customer you sent them is promoting that company and collecting commissions.  You are left out of this transaction!  Hey, you got your one time commission.. that's good enough.


The three problems:

1) One Time Commissions (no residual income)

2) No Future Commissions on Future Sales

3) No Commissions on What Your Referrals Do

So I'm going to change all this.  Next month, I'm going to release something in dramatic fashion that will change the way you do affiliate marketing.  I'm going to release something that will solve these three problems..

It will pay you a residual..

It will pay you on future sales..

It will pay you on what your referrals do.. (down to infinity)

This is the way affiliate marketing should be..  AND I'm going to let you have it for..

$2 and I'm going to give that to charity!  So stay tuned for my exciting $2 launch that will solve these problems that affiliates face.  Too bad – – is priced at $75,000 because that would be the perfect domain name for this.

If you haven't signed up for my free ebook, 7 Days to Online Profits – please do so now so you can stay in the loop of my upcoming TWO DOLLAR launch.  I don't want your two dollars.. but I know a good charity that does!

Onwards and Upwards,


P.S. Click Here for Our $2 PreLaunch Page…




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  1. Tad Persons

    I am very interested at being early on this signup.

    I also need help on how to start a blog.

  2. Johnny Optimist

    “I want my Two Dollars!” (Better off Dead)

    Can’t wait for your launch, am interested to see the solution

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