PART 1: The Top Things I’ve Learned in the Past 5 Years

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The 5 Things I've Learned in Business Part I of II

What are the top things that I have learned in the past five years since quitting my grueling dayjob?

I've been thinking alot about the important things that I have learned over the past 5 years, because I think there are times where we know or have learned something in the past – but we FORGET .. we move on.. we get busy.. And these lessons come up over and over again, and I think it's important to discuss and document these lessons so you never forget them and you always implement them in your daily life.

Lesson 1.  You Can't Do It Alone

When I first started with Frontpage and a teacher's budget, I thought I had to do everything from writing copy.. designing webpages..writing sales letters.. printing them.. stuffing the envelopes.. licking the stamps.. (even creating products from scratch).. You name it – I did it or I thought I had to do it because that's what worked the first time.

What happens when you think you have to do everything?

You can still succeed, but it takes longer and you reach a glass ceiling. On the bright side, when your team works together for a specific goal – you succeed faster and you make more money than you thought was possible.

NOW, I believe in “profit teams”

My Profit Team Consist of:

Design, Programming, Writers, Marketing, Advertising, Printing, Fulfillment, Telephone, Order Taking Service, Customer Service Reps, Virtual Assistants, Telesales Department, Affiliates, Joint Ventures, Partners, Managers, Networkers, Coaches, Advisers, Friends and Family!

I now know that I can't do it alone, and I feel more productive when this team is clicking on all cylinders.  When all cylinders are working together as a team, then my company, my life, my personal and business life, my physical and mental state are a perfect 10.

Lesson 2.  Coaching / Mentoring

I met Jeff Gardner five years ago (one year after succeeding with affiliate marketing).  We were at a seminar in Dallas, TX and I had heard of a big “guru” who lived a mile from me in Mansfield, TX.  That's when I met Jeff Gardner, and I wanted to see his house to see if Jeff was the “real deal”.  Now, to describe his house..  here's how it looked from my perspective:

I made a right on his street out in the middle of nowhere..

There were beautiful mansions on each side of the street.. probably 10 on each side until you reach the “cul-de-sac”.  Now, when you look at Jeff's house.. from your peripheral vision on the left to your peripheral vision on the right is how far across Jeff's house stretched.. It was unbelievable!

After this, Jeff allowed me to work in his “spare” office in Mansfield, and I was able to learn more and more about the business, and then, we teamed up for launch after launch after launch.. and it's all because of this “coaching”.. this “mentorship”..  that I formed which helped me break free from the “poor dad” training and move to the “rich dad” training, and I believe that if you need a coach or a mentor – you can easily find it or pay for it!  (which is what Jeff and all the other guru's do! They still pay for coaching and mentoring)

Then, I thought who is Jeff's mentor..

Who is Jeff Gardner's Mentor?  Who is Frank Kern's Mentor?  Who is Russell Brunson's Mentor?  Who is Mike Filsaime's Mentor? And then, I stumbled across Jeff's newest YouTube video that reveals his mentor..

Tony Robbins – That's who all the guru's connected with in the 80's and 90's, and now, Tony has released a full coaching package called Money Masters.  If you need coaching, then this is the perfect opportunity to get it from the original, Tony Robbins.  You can get some free mentoring/coaching just by viewing some of Tony Robbin's coaching videos here: Tony Robbin's Money Masters Series

Lesson 3. Focus

There are thousands of different ways to make money online or market a product or service or build a downline.  The trick is finding the “one” marketing method and sticking to it until you see results.  Then, if you can systemize it where it runs on autopilot where the same amount of money increases or stays the same every month, then you can move on to the next “money-maker”.

FOCUS – Eben Pagan talks about the “loop”.  When you sit down at your computer, and you check your email, hit your favorite blogs, check your Facebook and Twitter, check the forums.. and then,

YOU DO IT ALL AGAIN! It takes 10 minutes to do the “loop”.  But our OCD or “maybe something came in” idea keeps popping in our head, and we stay on this loop for hours.  And it all comes back to FOCUS!

How do we focus?

Lesson 4.  Rituals and Routines

Many people ask me how in the world do you have so much going on – so many products going out – so many orders coming in – how do you keep it updated.. how do you keep it all together.

While some would say, “Kit is crazy!”  I just say, “ROUTINES!”  I have an Excel spreadsheet of my days which documents my routines and rituals.

For me – my number one business priority is “CASHFLOW” .. And so you'll want to do something everyday at the same time that brings in money or has a potential to bring in money.  I get up and do the same ritual everyday.. I create the “marketing” loop every single day.

Can You Create a Profitable Loop?

Pay Per Click, Direct Mail Offers, Lead Generating Piece, Article Marketing, Affiliate Promotion, Joint Venture Proposals, Emails..

So schedule a time to do that..(at the same time everytime)  – whether that be when the kids go to sleep, in the mornings, at lunchtime, right after work, on the weekends.. pick a time .. stick to it.

Lesson #5: Another top priority in my physical and mental routine is EXERCISE..

I just recently added this to my 10 o'clock hour – EXERCISE.. I did it.  Just like so many dread it.. I took the Gold's Gym tour.. I bought the membership.. I did it.  I added it to my 10 o'clock hour, and the results have been amazing.  (I'll explain more about this but the important thing is SCHEDULE IT!)

This is part 1 of a special blog post titled, “The Top Things I've Learned in the Past Five Years!”.. Stay Tuned for Part II..

Onwards and Upwards,


5.  Planning

Okay – this might be one of the most important pieces to any business.  When I first started, I would have these crazy ideas.. I would post them to Rent a Coder, and none of them would come to life .. WHY?

I didn't plan.

I didn't sit down – create the blueprint – brainstorm the goal and improve upon it.  So my programmers and designers would try to make it happen, but the end result never fulfilled or accomplished the purpose.

So start with the purpose.. and then, work backwards to create that blueprint or map.

6.  Speed of Implementation

6.  Outsource

Talk about hiring and outsourcing.

7.  Tools and Services

Product Launches..

8.  The Power of Positive Thinking

9.  Healthy In Healthy Out

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