Yearly List of Niche Specific Holidays and Events

SuperAffiliate’s Giant List of Niche Specific Calendar Days

Happy New Year, Super Affiliates.  Let's make the 2020's roar again.  If you're looking to start a blog, make sure you follow our “how to start a blog” tutorial.   Then, you can create bonus offers & blog posts in advance

How to Create a Level Up Stack to Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever

Are you ready to Level Up Your Life? As we wrap up another year, this year feels different.  The year's reflection suddenly becomes a decade's reflection.  Everything that happened, every goal you crushed, every lesson you learned from 2010 to

How to create an affiliate review site

How to Create Affiliate Review Sites

Step by Step Guide Updated for 2020 Super Tutorials How to Create an Affiliate Review Site Step by Step We have an affiliate relationship with the vendors on this page. We earn a small commission if you buy through our

How to Find Affiliate Products for Your Niche

If you're following our affiliate marketing blog series (and you're seeing this for the first time) then, start here at The Affiliate Marketing Guide. This is part two in our series: how to find affiliate products to promote. Before you

Who Am I?

Kit Elliott

Kit Elliott

Welcome to SuperAffiliate. I'm Kit Elliott, founder & creator of SuperAffiliate. My goal is share with you strategies that will help your side-hustle game while helping you build a true passive residual income. After 15 years and $50,000,000 in sales, it's time to do all the good I can for all the people I can in all the ways I can for as long as I can to "live a great story!". Let's get started...