Pack a punch with online credibility

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There’s no doubt you’ve experienced lots of less than reputable web content and as more people start filling endless pages, there will be more. Rise above the fray with an impactful credibility campaign.

Depending on the price point of your product or service, you can tailor a credibility strategy to influence prospects to buy. High ticket purchases will benefit from in-depth case studies, while lower priced offerings can benefit from testimonials.

Pack a punch on your website by using some of the following tactics to build credibility:

Testimonials: Direct quotes from customers are compelling when used to sell products and services. When considering purchases, prospects can be swayed knowing others have already had a great experience with your product or service. Some customers will provide unsolicited testimonials, but if you know someone had a good experience and they haven’t sent a testimonial, it’s okay to ask for a sentence or two quote.

Reviews: Every industry has media dedicated to covering products, services and companies, which can range from blogs to monthly print publications. Research how to submit information for the publication to review when you know you have a winning product or service. You can also elicit customer reviews on your website, much like Amazon does for the books it sells.

Awards and recognition: Research the different types of awards available to you for product quality, a service, advertising campaign or website design. One of the fringe benefits of winning an award or special recognition is use of a logo or seal offering proof to prospects you are in an elite club.

Case studies: Definitely the most intensive form of credibility is a case study. It involves finding interesting success stories, interviewing customers to draw out the most valuable information, writing the case study and getting approval for its use. Case studies are worth the effort, particularly for involved purchases.

Press releases: Publicize a recent client win, success story, award or other recognition. Post these on your website and distribute releases to print and online media (with your website address). Press releases are used for a variety of reasons such as promotions, location changes, grand openings, etc. Releases, however, can be used effectively to build credibility as well.

Create a way within your company and among your sales force to capture as much credibility related information as possible. Then, multi-purpose this information by including it on your website, in email and advertising campaigns and print materials.

Increase trust by packing a credibility punch with customers. Need an example? See how Kit publicized his honorable mention!

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