Online Marketing Trick Using YouTube’s Keyword Search Feature

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I'm a big fan of MMA – mixed martial arts, and I noticed an affiliate who is everywhere.. when every fight comes out – all I see is this one person's videos with his blog name everywhere on the video so I did a little research, and I think I understand how he's doing this.  It's a simple process actually, and just remember look past the actual details to see the marketing behind it.  Then, you can apply the marketing to your biz.

Step 1:  Let's say there's a huge fight coming up.  What you do is take stills from the fight and paste them together and set it to music.  On first glance, I would say that this is spam and against YouTube's terms, but step 2 is very important.

Step 2:  So you'll need to offer your viewers something of value.. (like the history behind the two fighters.. the date.. the time.. the place of the fight.. the stats.. your predictions)  – And don't forget to add your domain name which could lead viewers to your blog or redirect to an affiliate link.  Then..

Step 3:  Upload it to YouTube.. or Traffic Geyser.  Traffic Geyser will automatically submit your video to thousands of video sites.

How do you tag the videos?

YouTube now offers a keyword search feature.  You can find videos already on YouTube.. plug them in and it will show you 30 to 40 tags.  See screenshot below.  For this example, I found our very own Rosalind Gardner's YouTube and plugged it in to the keyword search:

To get tags for your video, you would plugin similar video as shown above.

Now, back to my original example.  MMA – Mixed Martial Arts..

1.  Create Stills Set to Music

2.  Add Value and Your Website/Domain Name

3.  Upload to YouTube and Tag It (use Kit Elliott's YouTube Keyword Tool!)

HAHA!  I love how marketer's tie their name to these free tools.

How to Capitalize on This Idea:

Okay, I just figured this out.. but one video is not enough for you to make some serious money.. You'll create 5 videos a day using this process and then upload to Traffic Geyser.  It should take about 1 hour every day to do five videos.. And then, you should start seeing some affiliate commissions your very first day!

Right now, I'm all over this idea and testing it heavily.  I'll report the results in 30 days.  What do you think?  Can you make money using this simple idea?  Let me know your thoughts and your experiences..

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