Obtain Quality Inbound Links to Drive Web Traffic

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Going on an inbound link crusade is a great idea, but before you go crazy finding as many links as possible, remember quality counts. Inbound, relevant links on quality sites are better than many general, low quality links and will have a better impact on your organic search rankings, which will ultimately drive traffic to your website.

Here are a few tips for finding good inbound links:

  • Site performance: the site on which you create a link to your site should have the same or better performance than your site or the value of the link is decreased and not recognized as a good traffic influence. Use alexa.com to determine a site’s performance and find sites ranking high for the same keywords you use.
  • Relevancy: for greater influence on your organic rankings, make sure your inbound links are on sites with content relevant to your own. First of all, there will be more targeted prospects on sites like this rather than sites having little or nothing to do with your topic. Second, it just doesn’t count as much to be any old place. For instance, a link on a complementary site is more valuable than a link in your web designer’s portfolio. The first is relevant; the second is nonessential in the scheme of your overall business strategy and in the eyes of search engine crawlers.
  • Age of site and link: the age of the site you link from is considered in its value along with how long your link has been active. Linking to relatively new sites will not be as influential as linking to well established sites.
  • Context of the link: when your link appears on a web page that includes your keywords in the content, it has a higher value than appearing on a page filled with other links and no relevant content. Try to find sites where you can at least describe your product or service using keywords or, better yet, be linked in an article or other content-driven web page.

After all your hard work and patience, make sure your links work and point to the best content on your site. Broken links offer no value, momentarily make you look bad to a prospect and, too many of them, will start negatively impacting your rankings.

While you can’t control the operations of another site, you can make sure your links are operable. Contact a site’s webmaster if you encounter a problem. As you continue to upgrade your site and add content, adjust your links to point to the very best page possible and make sure the link is not pointing to a non-existent page on your site.

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