Mother’s Day is Coming Up!

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May 10th – Does that ring a bell for anyone?

It's Mother's Day!  As the youngest of five, I usually get FOUR other phone calls, “Hey!  Call ya' Motha!”

And then, I quickly race to the phone, and pretend like I was saving the best for last! :0)  So this year will be different.  With Mother's Day around the corner, never again will I save the best for last – I'm going to be early!

And listen to how smart this is:  Instead of buying the usual dozen roses and chocolates one time, how about buying them one time – and she gets them every single month. Introducing the:

Flowers of the Month Club

Chocolate of the Month Club

And while guys have to go through all this to say I LOVE YOU MA – you might as well join the Beer of the Month Club as well!  I know I did!

And ladies, when Father's Day rolls around – and we're not getting our beer of the month – then it's your turn!  I'm just saying…



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