Microsoft Bing – Rose 21% Last Week!

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Last week, Microsoft launched Decision Engine (not to be confused with Search Engine!) called Bing.

Microsoft Bing buzz rose 21% last week, and I gotta tell you – it's very interesting.  PLUS, my site ranks higher for a lot of keywords compared to Google so I'm already liking it a little better.

When you visit there – scroll over the picture facts.  And check out the “videos!”  You don't have to visit sites any longer – you can just mouseover to see the whole video.  All these features from the video – don't worry – Google is on top of it and racing to implement new features soon!  It's the nature of online business.

Enjoy the video!


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  1. Johnny Optimist

    Not personally a fan of the whole popup information thing on the side of results. Just a personal preference, but I can see the appeal for others.

    I did several tests on Bing the day of launch and wasn’t totally unsatisfied, but just as unsatisified with the results as I was with Live Search. Of course my searches don’t have to do with Travel, Healthcare, or Shopping, so that may have been my issue.

    I suspect the “buzz” or increased comscore or increased traffic all had to do with launching a new site. It isn’t hard to see that if you do a media blitz on a new site (especially for someone like MS) that you will see an uptick in your traffic. If I had that kind of media coverage and did TV ads, I would also suspect a big increase. That doesn’t mean my site has done a good job of actually enhancing its search engine, it just means it has done a good job of marketing. Getting people to the site is 1/2 the battle. Getting them to come back after testing it out is where the implementation of strategy is going to be seen. I personally can’t say I will go back any more than the amount of times I went to Live Search (usually only to test it out to see if they fixed the thing and compare results to other engines).

    I am interested to see how much marketshare they pick up in say a years time, as that will be a better measure.

    Well, that’s just Johnny’s 2 cents. 🙂

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