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Missing Ingredient: The Marketing Mindset!

How are you doing?

It's been a somber couple of weeks with Ed McMahon, Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and now, BILLY MAYS! Billy was one of my all-time favorite people, and he will truly be missed.

For the next three months, we are moving into a series called, The Marketing Mindset. This past weekend, I had an awakening to what my readers really need after getting the same exact email from one of my readers that I received five years ago from the same person!

The email went something like this:

Kit – I'm a newbie. Tell me where are the most effective advertising places and how do I get started.

I thought for a long time how I wanted to answer this. Do I give them the top 10 places that I get my top conversions or do I let them know that they are missing the key ingredient to all this: The Marketing Mindset?

I started out five years ago, and I never really considered myself a newbie. I don't even know that I have ever used that word. I believe it's the law of attraction. If you say it – you attract it. By saying that you're a newbie – you attract this, “I'm stuck” attitude and that rarely translates into profits.

Let me show you one example of marketing in action.

Do you think you can get rich selling newspaper subscriptions?

YES or NO?

I say: YES! And I'll tell you how…

The newspapers pay an average of $80 per referral. That's easy. The newbie will signup as an “affiliate” and try to advertise or go door to door or create PPC campaigns.

The person who is in The Marketing Mindset will do this:

Go to the nearest Grocery Store like Kroger. You can make a deal with the Kroger's manager, and ask them if you can sell subscriptions in their store. In return, you would like to buy some Kroger gift cards and give out to the customers who subscribe to the newspaper.

The gift cards are $40, but if you buy in bulk – you get a major discount.

The manager will usually say HELL YEAH because you'll be buying the gift cards and giving them to customers who will spend even more money at their store.

The newbie would get to this point and setup a table and start the selling process. They would sell 10 subscriptions per day.

$80 referral fee x 10 = $800 per day. Great money!

Take that – subtract the gift card fees and any extra expenses and you have a decent business.  Of course – you would save the “bonus” gift card for those who are on the fence.  You wouldn't offer that to everyone.

The person who is in The Marketing Mindset will do this:

Instead of sitting at the table working all day trying to sell subscriptions – they would look for sales agents to do it. You would require that the sales agents sell 10 per day ($800 per day).

Out of the $800 – you subtract gift card and now, sales agent commissions, and you keep what's leftover. While you're off sitting at the beach or working poolside – your sales agent is working for you and you're making a lot of money by design.

The person in The Marketing Mindset would scale this. How many Krogers, Albertsons, Tom Thumbs, Walmarts are in your area and surrounding?

You take one simple idea – scale it – and now, you're a multi-gazillionaire doing one thing: Selling Newspaper Subscriptions!

This is The Marketing Mindset.

And the point:  You can use this same concept for ANY business or product!

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