How to Use Link Exchanges Effectively

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GUEST POST: Anthony Hull and Jason Gazaway, Creators of the Premium Review Templates for Affiliates.

Many people shy away from using link and traffic exchanges for various reasons.

Some people are scared that using either of these options will result in search engines frowning upon their website – and rightfully so, to a degree.

However, if used right, both link and traffic exchanges can be useful, provided you go about it in the right way.

For one thing: If you're in a link or traffic  exchange that is going to cause your website to gain a CONSIDERABLE amount of backlinks on a daily basis… well, that's just asking for trouble.

Sure, ‘more is merrier' when it comes to backlinks, but too many in too short a span of time is going to cause search engines to look suspiciously at  your website.

What you want is to join one of the more reputable link or traffic exchanges.

These exchanges are NOT going to cause your website to gain TOO many backlinks over a short span of time, nor are they going to be using ‘bad neighborhoods that tend to get picked up just as quickly.

Instead, they can act as a great source of reliable traffic!

Of course, reciprocity is the name of the game when it comes to these exchanges, and so you're going to have to be giving as well as you're getting.

Almost all of the more reputable sites run on a ‘credit' basis, whereby you're going to gain ‘points' depending on how well you share traffic.

Thus, the more you share, the more you'll find others share with you in turn.

Being part of this kind of community is certainly beneficial, and when your review site is just getting started, it could provide a valuable boost that will be extremely useful.

After you're more established, you could then slowly wean off this method, and move on to other (more  stable) types of traffic generation such as PPC advertising or article marketing.

If you DEFINITELY want to take advantage of this kind of opportunity, be sure to:

1. Conduct thorough research into the
legitimacy of the traffic exchange or link exchange program that you're interested in.

2. Look into how targeted the traffic that you could potentially be getting will be, and figure out whether the profits you make are worth whatever ‘fee' you end up paying.

By covering both of these bases, you'll be able to use traffic and link exchanges without falling foul of the more common pitfalls.

Of course, you still may have to worry about whether or not search engines will clamp down on your website – but with the more reputable programs, this risk isn't as apparent.

When it comes to traffic generation, this really is a method that could potentially yield  great results – and that makes it worth trying.

All the best,

Anthony Hull & Jason Gazaway


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