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Hi there!  I'm about to start posting more and more fun stuff on my Facebook (videos, pdf files, free stuff) and I'd like to connect with you if I can.  Your feedback really determines what I post and put up so leave your comments and let's get this party started!  Click any of the images below and add me – subscribe to my channel – and leave as many comments as you!

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Kit Elliott

Kit Elliott

Welcome to SuperAffiliate. I'm Kit Elliott, founder & creator of SuperAffiliate. My goal is share with you strategies that will help your side-hustle game while helping you build a true passive residual income. After 15 years and $50,000,000 in sales, it's time to do all the good I can for all the people I can in all the ways I can for as long as I can to "live a great story!". Let's get started...


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