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IRS Email Phishing Scam – Don’t Fall for These Online Rip-Offs!

The IRS Phishing Scam

Have you fallen for the IRS phishing scam?

I'm not sure if you've seen this email come to your inbox over and over and over again during the last month, but beware – don't fall for this phishing scam.

By the way – how are people falling for these kinds of scams still?

SCAM #1: Nigerian Princes are not looking to move money from your account to theirs and leaving a 10 million dollar transfer fee for your troubles..

SCAM #2: The IRS doesn't send emails requesting that you update your payment records..

SCAM #3: Paypal and Ebay don't need your routing numbers and account numbers..

SCAM #4: AND don't accept money orders and checks that require you to mail back the leftover money..


What is phishing?

If you've been asleep in the last decade, one of the biggest ways scam artists online have been able to steal money from people's accounts is by phishing for usernames and passwords or account numbers..

Once they have access to this information – goodbye money!

And good luck getting it back.

My favorite customer – Bonnie P. called me the other day crying and an emotional wreck.. She actually fell for the Nigerian Scam.  The scam artists walked her through the phone for a month actually and built up the trust.. Then, Bonnie actually sold her home to come up with the money $37K to WIRE to the Nigerian Scam Artists..

Okay – how did red flags not go off here:


I mean – come on – this is the biggest red flag out there, and people are still falling for it.  Bonnie said, “I was bitten by the greed bug!”  It's that part of the brain that believes that everytime you buy lottery tickets that you will win.  If I don't play – I can't win, right?  If I don't send these Nigerians the money, I'll never know if the $10 Million dollar transfer fee is for real..

Come on?

Really? Really?  Really?

What can you do?

I'm going to get ranked for this in the search engines – but you can retweet this, digg this, or post this article on your facebook so people don't fall for this.

#1:  NEVER WIRE MONEY TO STRANGERS!  That's rule #1.

#2:  NEVER ACCEPT CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS where the amount of money is more than what you're asking.  The scam artists do not want what you're selling – they want the cash.  They send you a fake money order or fake check, and ask you to send any leftover.

#3:  NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR ROUTING/BANK NUMBERS BY ANSWERING EMAILS.  You know if you go to and you're setting up an account – but nobody is going to request this information out of the blue.

#4: The IRS will never ask you for personal information through email.

So please do your part – let's get the word out.. Let's protect each other as much as we can.

Onwards and Upwards,


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