Increase revenue by transforming prospects into customers with great landing pages

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Increase revenue with great landing pages
Increase revenue with great landing pages

When a prospect clicks on a paid advertisement or organic search result link and is directed to a web page that is a logical extension of the link, then they have arrived on a landing page. A landing page can be a page on your website devoted exclusively to a particular topic or product. Or, to eliminate distractions, it can exist as a single page website with few or no other options than to buy a product, sign-up for a service, promote a special offer or other call to action.

Great landing pages are singularly focused and quickly pay off the promise or selling proposition presented in the link from which the prospect clicks. Prospects should know immediately they have arrived at the right place and the information is, indeed, exactly what they thought they would find. If your landing page doesn’t draw the prospect in right away, then it isn’t a great one.

A great landing page focuses on the offer, not the design. While design can add to content functionality, it is not the priority. Many of the best landing pages look like electronic versions of printed direct mail packages because that’s basically what they are. Guiding the prospects thought process, when it comes to design, has more to do with a variety of font sizes, colors, callouts, lists and other techniques to highlight salient points. Take a look at this example: Zero to $1.2 Million in Twelve Months Flat

A great landing page makes clear what the call to action is and, generally, offers at least one incentive for the prospect to take action without delay. Incentives can include free reports, extra reports if they sign up by a deadline, a discount, and free samples. Let the prospect know the value of the incentives, though, so they feel they are getting far more than the price they pay. Whatever you do, keep it simple and focused on what action the prospect should take. Don’t offer choices, rather, keep directing the prospects attention throughout the copy to take action.

Powerful landing pages include lots of testimonials to demonstrate the value of the offer and the success others have experienced by buying or signing up. Testimonials can amp up the enthusiasm level of the copy and add credibility through the experiences of others.

If your offer is tempting and priced well for the audience, a money-back guarantee can seal the deal. After you lead the prospect through all the reasons and incentives for taking action, relieve any purchase anxiety by adding a guarantee that lets the prospect buy with no risk. Don’t be skimpy on the guarantee or make it impossible to collect on it. Truth is, most people will never take you up on it, but it can make it easier for prospects to move into the buying mode.

Finally, as always, test the copy by creating different versions. Your goal is create the best mix of persuasive copy, incentives and guarantees to increase your conversion rate.

Whenever I read a great landing page, my heartbeat starts to increase and, even though I know how this works, I think “Uh-oh, I’m getting sucked in.” This is what should happen when prospects arrive on your landing pages. It’s is a lot of work, but well worth the revenue you can generate.

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