How to Track Affiliate Links?

I receive an affiliate commission when you click on my affiliate links & purchase.  I give a portion of all proceeds to Alzheimer’s research as we search for a cure.  I am the sole caretaker for my 75 year old aunt who has Stage 5 Alzheimer’s so we can’t thank you enough.

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We Use and Recommend Click Magick

For the past six years, we have used Click Magick to track affiliate sales. You can hook it up to work with Clickbank and most affiliate networks. All you do is advertise your tracking link. The software tracks all clicks and sales.

Link Trackr just released a new report on the 7 Deadly Sins of Affiliates, and how to avoid them right now.  One of the biggest one that I can think of is TRACKING!

Wouldn't you like to track your affiliate links and know which ones are getting the most clicks and converting the best.  That way – you know which promotions are doing well – which to ramp up marketing – and which promotions need tweaking.

Link Trackr is a new affiliate tracking tool that lets you track your affiliate links on ALL your blogs, and it's FREE to use.  They let you try it out for free up to 500 clicks..

Click on the banner below to download the free report, “The 7 Sins of Affiliate Marketing!”

Free Affiliate Marketing Tips

Imagine if you can get free, viral traffic to your affiliate links using social media sites like FaceBook and Twitter.  Plus, imagine if you can easily track and manage hundreds of affiliate promotions from one central web-based software. Plus, it will work with your WordPress blogs too.
Sounds exactly what I've been looking for .. without all the complicated “hyper” systems in the past.
Onwards and Upwards,

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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. Roosevelt

    Thanks Kit! This seems like a lot of work but I just added a few snippets and it worked. I finally see sales which before I was just blindly advertising affiliate offers like a newbie.


  2. Lenny

    I need more step by step directions on how to track affiliate links.

  3. cho thuê máy

    Is there a part 2 to this tracking video? I might be missing something.

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