How to Manage and Control Your Twitter Accounts If You Have Multiple Niches and Authority Sites

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A Visual Guide to Twitter

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How to Manage Twitter if You Have Multiple=
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For the longest time, I had this nagging feeling that my authority sites or other niches were going dead because I didn't have the time or energy to tweet something to every one of them at multiple times throughout the day.  I'd have to focus all my energy throughout the day and neglect other areas of my business, or I'd have to hire a full-time staffer just to do social media marketing.  (which is big business these days).

As I'm building my latest niche site, I got to thinking:  “How can I simplify the Twitter/Facebook experience for me but still connect with my visitors?”

Introducing Tweet Adder – The Automatic Tweet Scheduler

My productivity levels are really high from 5 am to 9 am and as I'm finding different articles, blog posts, pictures, and crap to share – my mouse clicker want to post and repost and repost but my instincts tell me that posting 10 links or sayings within an hour is overkill, unprofessional and asks for “unfollows!”  If you're still using the old software that I mentioned years ago here: How to Use Twitter for Business, then you know that company never updated their software and the system didn't quite work as planned. So why not repost those same 10 but spread them out throughout the day.  Now, you can with Tweet Adder!  I just downloaded mine: How to Auto Schedule and Manage Twitter in Multiple=

The Tweet Adder Features

  • Schedule your tweets to post throughout the day.
  • Set the scheduler to post every ___ minutes.
  • Set the schedule to retweet from different users.
  • Have other accounts retweet your posts.
  • Set the Twitter scheduler to retweet keywords.
  • There are NO links back to this software (I didn't pay to brand your software, right?)
These five reasons alone were enough to get me to try the free version.

The Tweet Adder Advanced Features

  • You someone follows you, you can auto follow them back.
  • Can't think of a tweet? Use the Tweet Generator feature.
  • Set Auto-Replies for people who follow you.
  • Create a Multiple Step Twitter Followup Campaign for Your Follows and Retweeters
  • URL Shorteners (automatically)
  • MY FAVE:  Add symbols to your Tweets! (stars, arrows, smileys, crosses)
This will save you a ton of time if you have multiple niches (or even one niche).  Because you can set it and forget it.  It's the true Ron Pupaul Set It and Forget It Twitter Software!

Twitter Etiquette

Follow the three rules of twitter (and this software makes it easy breezy).
  1. Twitter Etiquette Rule #1:  When someone follows you, follow them back.
  2. Twitter Etiquette Rule #2:  When someone retweets you, thank them.
  3. Twitter Etiquette Rule #3:  You have to give retweets to receive retweets.  The more you give – the more you get.  Very simple.
With Tweet Adder, you can automatically follow someone who follows you.  That takes care of Twitter Etiquette Rule #1.  Then, you can schedule messages to be sent automatically to people who retweets you.  That takes care of Twitter Etiquette Rule #2.  Then, you can automatically retweet keywords or other users.  It all happens automatically with this software.  That's why this gets my HIGHEST recommendation.

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