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Hello.  It's Kit Elliott, and it's a great week for online profits. If you are following my 7 Days to Online Profits, then you know we are on Day 2:  Setting Up Your Website on a Teacher's Salary!

WordPress is the most used blogging platform.  I think for two reasons:  For every post that I do now, I get high search engine rankings for MOST keywords.  In fact, I put this to the test a couple of weeks ago when I posted a “random” helpful post about getting rid of conficker.  I wanted to get ranked for the search term, “get rid of conficker” and after submitting the post – 3 hours later – I was on page 1.

So I did what any affiliate marketer would do:  Adsense and Affiliate Products!

And then, I quickly dropped to page 4.  How odd?

The second reason that WordPress is the number one used blogging platform is:  PLUGINS!  Just like the iphone has apps that make it more user-friendly, more fun to use, and solves more problems for the iphone user – WordPress has “plugins” that make it more user-friendly, more fun to use, and solves more problems for the WordPress user.  (of course, Joel Comm needs to release the iFart plugin for WordPress!)

Here's a simple way to install WordPress.  Once you get the hang of it, you can install a WordPress blog in less than 1 minute!



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