How to Get Number One Rankings on Google and How to Avoid the Google Slap

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Hi there.

It’s another great week for online profits!  I’ve noticed I’m on PAGE 1 for FIVE DIFFERENT NICHES, and most of these sites were started this past summer.  The “link building” game for getting higher rankings in Google has become quite the addiction for me.  Typing in different keywords to see where I come up.. every five minutes.  Submitting all in one RSS feeds and noticing HUGE jumps in Google SEO Rankings.

After all, if you can appear on page 1 for a high buying link like “get rid of wrinkles” and you just happen to be an affiliate for a Wrinkle Cream that pays $50 per purchase.  You’ll be getting lots of FREE traffic by being on page one, and you’ll be getting a lot of $50 commission checks.  Consider it FREE money.. found money!

After spending a couple of weeks on the “link building formula”.  One of my sites .. disappeared.  Some people call it Google Slap or Google Quicksand.  Here’s what happens:

You build a WordPress website.  That’s easy..  With the ALL IN ONE SEO WordPress plugin, every post is sent to the search engines.  And the automatic WordPress pinger, sends your post to popular update sites.   That’s step 1.

Then, you create articles, videos, docs that link the keyword to your site.   You would link the keyword like this:

Long Tail Keywords get linked to Super Affiliate.

Then, you ping, bookmark, and submit the links to your articles, videos and docs everyday for a month.   At the end of the month, you should have a spreadsheet of 90 links!

Then, you can combine any of those links to form ONE BIG RSS link.

Then, you ping, bookmark and submit that link as well.

Boost your Backlinks to Help your Website Rank Higher in Search Results

After a couple of days – you’ll hit page 1 for most keywords.

But if you go too fast, become an overachiever – Google will catch on and slap you down to page 50.  That has happened but don’t worry.. don’t let this force you to give up.   After a couple of more days – you keep doing what your doing  above – it will come right back to number one.

If you do get the Google Slap – here’s a quick remedy:

Concentrate on your articles and video sites and build as many links through them back to each individual post.  See?

In your article, there should be a link to different individual posts that match up with your keyword.  That way – the article site will serve as the “authority” site.  By linking to the individual posts, Google sees that your site is getting a lot of different links coming in to different parts of your website from an authority site!  Pretty brilliant?


If you’re looking for automatic link submission software, here’s the best for the money:

Boost your Backlinks to Help your Website Rank Higher in Search Results

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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Evelyn

    I do a lot of interlinking on my sites, but they don’t seem to count as “backlinks.” In fact, I’m not even sure how long it takes to get a backlink noticed. I have a ton of them through web 2.0 sites that haven’t registered as a link in over two months. So, I continue to plug along. . .

    1. Kit Elliott

      Evelyn: You might be missing the most important ingredient to backlinking:

      1. Pinging
      2. Bookmarking
      3. All in One RSS Feeds – This is where you put a list of “similar” links and ping/bookmark the one link.

      This way – these backlinks start getting recognized immediately.

    2. Kit Elliott

      Can we have an update on what you have learned over the past 8 years, Evelyn?

  2. Kit Elliott

    I decided to delete the facebook comments, because I do not get notified of any questions that come in from readers.

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