How to Get #1 Search Engine Rankings for Other People’s Products

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How to Cut Out the UGLY Sales Page!

Here's a very cool trick that I learned not too long ago when some of my sites were showing up in Google above the actual product page.  I am seeing so many BLACK HAT tricks now with programming, link building, and SEO stuff that it's taking affiliate marketing to new heights.  If you stay true to yourself though, and build your online business around YOUR PASSION and YOUR PERSONALITY then you'll be happy making money doing what you love.  It's that simple.  I have over 1200 websites, membership sites, blogs, review sites, and more dedicated to my three passions in life:  Helping People Get Out of Debt, Health and Fitness, and Marketing Online and Offline.   I was searching for a new product by Brad Callen when I noticed a lot of different sales pages..

AND then I saw THIS simple trick:

It was a SALES PAGE for Brad's Product with a BUY NOW button at the bottom but it was not BRAD'S!  When someone clicked the BUY NOW button, it took the user to Brad's ORDER PAGE! The affiliate had bypassed Brad's Sales Page and created his own.  He shows up on page 1 for that product name.. The site looks like it belongs to Brad.  I thought it was a brilliant trick, and I instantly started doing this for UGLY websites with GREAT products.

Check out my step by step video showing you how to do the same:

Don't BookMark This! Keep This Secret to YOURSELF and Come Back to for MORE Secrets!

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