How to Find Profitable, HOT Subniches for Affiliates

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Hi there.  It’s Kit Elliott with another great week for online profits!  So I’m on the hunt for profitable “micro-niches” and using a simple keyword formula, I can usually find winners.

Affiliates Find Profitable Niches

So let’s say you think you’ve found a winner and you run it through your normal gamut, and after 2 weeks – nothing.  DUD!

Why is that? The product, the niche, the keywords all passed the initial tests with exciting profit potential..   What went wrong?  It could be a number of factors.  The gravity was too low.. the niche did not bring in “buying” customers..   Some niches (e.g. MySpace Skins) bring in a ton of lookers (which is great for Adsense) but horrible for affiliate sales.  They are not “BUYING” customers..   So let’s go over how you can judge demand for a particular niche.

#1:  Clickbank’s Marketplace: You can search the gravity.   Gravity has always been a mystery to most people, but I think I have figured out a simple formula for gravity.  I believe that the gravity is calculated by the number of affiliate sales  in the past week or month.  It’s a formula like this and I can’t remember if it’s weeks or months:

Number of Affiliate Sales in the Past Week:  Count as 1 Point

As the weeks fade, then the 1 Point goes down to .9 then .8 then .7 then .6..

So you can see that the higher the number, the more sales affiliates are making!  The gravity is a great place to look and my general rule is 50 and above..  You can still profit from 50 and below but that involves a completely new marketing plan.  It’s like selling a high-end house.  You wouldn’t apply a “wholesale” strategy when you could apply the “auction” strategy.  Ask me about it sometime! :0)

#2: You can actually search Amazon by popularity.  Let’s say that you find a niche.. head over to Amazon and search the niche’s popularity.  Then, the products for that niche will come up in order of popularity!    This shows you what topics, what pricepoints, how to position the sale..  FOR FREE!

#3:  Articles and Google: Same strategy for Search Engines and Article Directories.. because have you noticed that the two are starting to become one.. Everyone is spinning articles and getting first page rankings for crappy content.. It’s driving me nuts when I need to find something fast.

But you can actually see what your competition is doing by seeing how they position the sell, how they design their landing pages.. just do what your competition is doing!

And if you don’t know the “keyword” formula for picking a winner, comment below!




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  1. Matt

    Good morning Kit,
    Another great article! I don't know the 'keyword' formula for picking a winner, can you point me in the right direction?


    1. Kit Elliott

      Ahhh the keyword formula..

      You can use the Google Keyword Tool..

      1. The keyword must have over 1500 searches per month..
      2. And when you type in Google in quotes “your keyword”, there should be less than 10,000 competing pages..

      That’s probably a guaranteed winner..

      3. Sometimes I will find a niche will a lot of keywords hitting around 30,000 competing pages.. that’s low competition still…

      Stay away from 100,000 competing pages – guaranteed waste of time.. :0)

      Happy Hunting!

      I wish we could all afford the IMeye software because they do it with a click of a button.. DAMN THEM!


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