How to Embed Affiliate Links Directly INSIDE Video

I receive an affiliate commission when you click on my affiliate links & purchase.  I give a portion of all proceeds to Alzheimer’s research as we search for a cure.  I am the sole caretaker for my 75 year old aunt who has Stage 5 Alzheimer’s so we can’t thank you enough.

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The Video WordPress Plugin

Are you looking for the absolute best plugin to install videos on your website?  Are you looking for a “plug n play” non-techie type of plugin that makes it easy to install video?  Take a look at this video that I just created and placed here.  It was fast.. easy – and this is just a slice of what this software can do.  It's gets my FIVE star all star recommendation.

The Best Video Plugin for WordPress

The day has come when programmers are releasing some high-quality marketing tools that marketers can immediately plug-into without having all the techie knowledge and without paying huge monthly fees!

I've noticed a trend in affiliate marketing where people are embedding their affiliate links inside their videos.  (allowing users to click directly inside the video and go to their landing page or affiliate link!)

Here's the newest software that lets you do EASILY!

Keyword:  How to Embed Affiliate Links in Video

How I Have Used Easy Video Player

So over the next month, I'm going back to these recommendations and updating with how I've used the plugin over the last couple of years.  I look at these “reviews” and think I've gotten a little lazy when it comes to detailing and updating these.

I finally sold a bunch of my niche sites and let the nonprofitable ones expire (started out with 1200+ websites and now, I'm down to 645!)  I've built a series of 12 websites in the network marketing training niche with Jeff Gardner.  You can signup as an affiliate at WealthWorld by clicking on this keyword:  Network Marketing Affiliate

Alot of the tools I use for affiliate marketing – I also use for corporate websites, membership sites, and backoffices.  In this backoffice, you'll see two ways that I have used Easy Video Player.

First, the backoffice walkthrough video was uploaded to my Amazon through Easy Video Player.

Easy Video Player is very easy to use and ties directly into your Amazon AWS account.  It auto uploads each video to your Amazon AWS account so you don't experience the pauses and buffering headaches.  Then, you can easily point and click to choose your player and any “inside” buttons that you want users to click inside the video.

Your videos can go viral as well.

Change Your Starting Video Graphic

You can easily change out your “starting video player graphic” in Easy Video Player. Below is my backoffice in Easy Video Player.  They make it easy to customize the player settings.  You'll notice the size, allow fullscreen, auto buffer settings, auto play settings, allow pausing, video scaling, and player controls all in this one area of features.. (that's just 10% of what this software does)

Tons of Viral Components Built-In

Each video – you can allow your viewers to embed the video on their site or even retweet/facebook it to their followers. All the while – your affiliate link is embedded inside!  Take a look at my screenshot below.  You can redirect people at the end of the video to ANY page you choose.  You can embed buttons and graphics inside the video and have them popup at any time (which I'm starting to do more and more of!)

This means that people are promoting your video with YOUR affiliate link inside. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think..  I think you can use this software for membership sites, affiliate reviews, blog posts like this one..

Click Here for a Free Trial Through SuperAffiliate

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  2. ABS


    Do you have an “affiliate” email contact?
    I want to get your “affiliate” email contact as soon as possible … Thank you!

    1. Kit Elliott

      You can reach me at my only email at I try to answer all reasonable requests. LOL

  3. Adrienne

    Hey Kit,

    That’s a pretty cool software. May have to give this some serious consideration. Thanks for showing us exactly how it’s done. That always helps.

    Appreciate the info.


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