Part 2: Step by Step Guide Updated for 2020

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How to Grow & Scale Your Review Site

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Kit Elliott
Step One

Equipment for Your Review Site

Review Site Recommended Camera

Logitech Camera

I've been using the Logitech models for the past 15 years. They are plug-n-play simple to use, simple to edit. The Brio is the best followed by the C920.

We recommend this lighting setup to do reviews

Lighting Ring

This is one of the most popular and best-selling items on Amazon right now. For around $30, you can select the soft lighting modes.

This is our standing desk recommendation for bad backs.

Standing Desk

The 2020 decade will be about being healthy physically, mentally. A standing desk is the best way to get up and move throughout the day WHILE you're working. There are days I never sit down & the standing desk was the best purchase for comfortable work station.

Best Mic for Reviews

Best Review Microphone

The Rode mic is the easiest plug-n-play mic for doing reviews for that crystal clear sound (as seen in the video). The trick to getting that crystal clear sound is turning the mic volume down low while recording six inches away from your face. When you have the mic volume all the way up, it records the background noise that creates the echos in your vids.

Best Moniter for Product Reviews

Best Monitor for Building Review Sites

We use and recommend the 32-Inch Widescreen LED Monitor. This makes it incredibly easy to put your editing window on one side of the screen while putting your preview mirror on the other side for fast edits / preview outs.

Step Two

Apply for Affiliate Programs to Earn Affiliate Commissions

Earn Commissions on Digital and Physical Products

Amazon will pay you 10% of any sales that you refer.  When someone clicks your link, if they don’t buy your product but buy something else, YOU still get credit for the referral.  Since almost everyone shops on Amazon, these are easy commissions.

Click Here to Signup for the Amazon Affiliate Program

One of the oldest affiliate networks for digital products is Clickbank.  You can earn higher-ticket affiliate commissions.  Pro tip:  search for products with higher gravity which means the number of affiliates who have made commissions within the last 30 days.

Click Here to Signup for Clickbank

Once you get your website filled with at least 90 days of content, here are the top affiliate programs:

I recommend a combo of digital and physical products, here are the top affiliate networks:

Step THREe

Cloak Your Affiliate Links

User Rating

Pretty Links

Pretty Links is very easy to use. I still use Pretty Links because I have stored & organized hundreds of affiliate links in the past 15 years. I upgraded to the Pro version for a one-time fee.

User Rating

Thirsty Affiliates

Autolink ALL keywords throughout your blog. Thirsty Affiliates is a step up from the Free Pretty Links. You get a proactive link fixer with full stats on your links.

User Rating

Genius Links

Simple link management but also auto-converts your links for different countries so you don't miss out on commissions. Used by many Super Affiliates.

Step four

Fall in Love with the Process

Create a Habit for Creating Content

Create a List of Problems to Solve

Write or Record Your Content

Distribute Your Content Everywhere

Put Your Strengths to Work for You

Find Someone to Fill Your Weakness

How to Create Unlimited Money
Step Five

Professional Graphics and Logos

Once I found Canva, my site finally had that polished professional look of the major blogs. You can create graphics from ready to go templates, including blog headers, logos, social media banners, covers. I created these two animated banners using Canva. Then, let's say you see a webpage that you want created for yourself. Go to Fiverr and search for Elementor Clone. Someone on Fiverr will build that page for you and even install it. I use Fiverr for voice-overs, animated intro's for YouTube, and ANY programming tasks that I can't do. Signup for your free accounts below. If you buy anything through our link, we get a small commission.
Super Affiliate Kit Elliott Founder
Kit Elliott

Free Graphic Creator

Use Canva to create high-quality, professional looking graphics.

Hire Helpers

Need a Logo? Need a New Page Design? Need Help with Programming? Go to Fiverr!

How to Get Traffic to Your Review Site

Now You Want to Combine Free & Paid Traffic Strategies

Watch the video on how to select keywords for your landing pages and content.  Use Google Ads to get your advertising in front of people searching to solve their problem.   

Click Here to Create Your First Ad

I recommend using Google Ads to test for conversion.  Does your product sell on Google?  Then, when you find a winner, move that over to Facebook.   If you’re brand new, you definitely want to hire a Facebook ad specialist to do it for you.

This Ad Specialist on Fiverr has 1,000+ five star reviews.

I recently did the SEO of a major company & detailed out the steps that I took to rank for 38 pages in a row in the major HEALTH niche. As you create your  content, incorporate all the components that help get your site in front of the search engines.  Click Here to See My SEO Guide


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