How to Create a Level Up Stack to Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever

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Are you ready to Level Up Your Life?

As we wrap up another year, this year feels different.  The year's reflection suddenly becomes a decade's reflection.  Everything that happened, every goal you crushed, every lesson you learned from 2010 to 2019. Can you fathom how much you've learned over this past decade and imagine the possibilities of the 2020's? As we head to the 2020's, I want to share with you a productivity, goal-crushing system that I learned 15 years ago. Let me share with you how to create a level-up stack to make 2020 your best year ever.

What is a level up stack for goal setting?

What is a Level-Up Stack?

A Level-Up Stack is an action plan where you break down your goals into levels so you can easily conquer and meet any challenge you face. This is the easiest way to conquer your goals for 2020.

As we head into the 2020's, what if we created a new protocol for your morning or weekly routine. Once every six months, we'll create a protocol where you sit and review your previous six months in detail & create a plan for the next six months.

Let's call this day, Your Level-Up Day. I've heard some people call this 10X YOUR LIFE or S.M.A.R.T. GOALS, but this has a twist on it that makes this easier to conquer.

If you've been following our How to Create a Blog, then, this is very similar to the blog editorial calendar. We already do the Level-Up Stack for our blog, why not do this for our life. A Level Up Day where you write out a plan for how you are going to 10X your life in the following year, and then commit to doing whatever it takes to make it happen!

And then, what if you took that day and shrunk it down into a 10-minute morning meditation or visualization?   You add this new tradition to your morning routine.

How to Plan Your Level-Up Day

The actions might be so far out of our current thinking that we must really get out of our head to truly get this new way of thinking. If you're looking for required reading, I love the book called Atomic Habits by James Clear.

Atomic Habits - Recommended Book

Which one seems more realistic: 10% increase in income or a 10x increase in income?

The level of action required for a 10% increase will probably never lead to doubling your income. Whereas the level of action required to 10X your income most likely WILL result in a 10% or more increase…

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.” ― Norman Vincent Peale If you’re aiming for something, even if you don’t achieve it, you’ll still be somewhere better than where you started.

Create a List of Areas You Want to Level-Up

Let's create a nice quiet space & write out a list of all the areas that you want to 10X over the next year (maybe even over the next decade).

I'll give you a starting list of areas that I'll be focusing on:

  • Fitness
  • Travel
  • Business
  • Investments
  • Processes
  • Learning

Some people may include their mortgage or student loan debts, but I've used my affiliate marketing strategies to pay off my house and student loans. That's a hard flex.

You can even get more specific with it:

  • 10X Your Income
  • 10X Your Video Production
  • 10X Your Blog Posts
  • 10X Your Email Marketing Skills
  • 10X Your Travel
  • 10X Your Fitness
  • 10X Your Sex Life
  • 10X Your Parenting Skills

You decide how you want to display this as your main goal (general or speciific).

Living My Best Life Meme

Set Benchmarks for Each Area on Your List

Spend some time and really think about what an amazing result would look like in each of those areas. Visualize the end result. I have two rental homes, two blogs, my Unstoppable Affiliate course, stock dividends, a farm, an ad agency and my affiliate marketing income. All of this happened through this Level-Up process over a 15 year span. (almost one business level-up per year)

Then, for fitness, I started a monthly program called Athlean X, which is a fitness program that gives you a specific day's fitness instructions. For health, I have The Gamechanger's plant-based diet which I combined with my Snack Diet. If you haven't seen The Gamechangers on Netflix, I'm telling everyone to watch it.

For travel, I have a travel savings account. When it hits $6,000, we take a family vacation. It's been hitting $6,000 every 60 days now. Let the traveling begin…

For your blogging business, let's say that one of the items on your list to 10X your blog posts. 

You have a great business model, and now the world is waiting to hear from you.  Let's say you want to increase your income and your income is directly proportionate to the value that you deliver to the world.  So, you're ready to deliver that value through blog posts or videos or both.

For my business, I have six months of blogging topics that we have researched (we know people are searching for this).  We plan our six months on our blog editorial calendar.

Turn Your Goals into Levels and Focus on the Level-Up

If you're a solorpreneur and creating a profitable blog, then the lists of ideas & topics can become overwhelming.  It's like how are you going to get any of this done, make money, serve your customers and grow your business with so much to do?

Here's how we're going to accomplish this year:

First, we're using a calendar to break down the topics by month. 

The key here is to focus on specific LEVELS rather than general goals so that you can get there faster.  The months become your levels.

  • Month #1:  Topic #1
  • Month #2:  Topic #2
  • Month #3:  Topic #3
  • Month #4:  Topic #4
  • Month #5:  Topic #5
  • Month #6:  Topic #6

Now, we're going to place them on the blog editorial calendar & assign them to your freelancers (or in this case, me).   Honestly, if you could start delegating areas of your business so you can focus on the vision, that's how you're going to grow your business.

Break Down the Level into Actions that Stack

Next, take the levels that you set for month #1.  We're going to break that down into a specific steps that gets repeated every single month.

Here we have Month #1:  Topic #1

We know that for SEO, you're going to need a pillar post, and we know that pillar post will link to related articles within that thread.

  • Week #1:  Pillar Post
  • Week #2:  Related Post
  • Week #3:  Reviews of Related Items within Pillar Post
  • Week #4:  Video Summaries of Each Week (schedule one per week)

Now, you've just taken the first topic, broke it down into levels and then, took that level to create a specific stairstep. 

The month will fly by…

Your blog will look incredible after 60 days when you follow this LEVEL UP process.

And look what happens:

During month #2, you'll have two solid posts publishing out every single week.  As your income grows, hire out freelancers to 10X the content. Most solopreneurs burn out because they think they have to complete the stack by next week. When you separate out the stack into levels like this, then, building your business becomes easy.

Add to Your Levels to Produce More

Now it's time to get more specific so that you have a clear action plan to truly 10X your life and business in 2020.

Instead of achieving just one metric to beat a level, perhaps there are several items you must complete to beat that level.

For example, let's look at adding a couple of extra tasks to each level that you set.

Current Level: 0 Blog Posts

  • Level 1: 1 Blog Topic + 1 Podcast Topic + 1 Video
  • Level 2: 1 Blog Topic + 2 Podcasts + 2 Videos
  • Level 3: 2 Blog Topics + 4 Podcasts + 4 Videos
  • Level 4: 2 Blog Topics + 6 Podcasts + 6 Videos
  • Level 5: 3 Blog Topics + 8 Podcasts + 8 Videos + New Lead Magnet
  • Level 6: 3 Blog Topics + 10 Podcasts + 10 Videos + New Lead Magnet + 1 Ads
  • Level 7: 4 Blog Topics + 12 Podcasts + 12 Videos + 2 New Lead Magnets + 2 Ads
  • Level 8: 4 Blog Topics + 14 Podcasts + 14 Videos + 4 New Lead Magnets + 4 Ads
  • Level 9: 5 Blog Topics + 16 Podcasts + 16 Videos + 4 New Lead Magnets + 4 Ads

What I love about these levels is that imagine what month #9 looks like.  You have 5 Pillar Posts with affiliate links & your own offer links.

You also have 5 highly SEO'd sub posts linking from the Pillar Post to YOUR sub posts.

You have 16 Podcasts that now link to your Pillar Posts.

You have 16 New Videos that now link to your Pillar Posts.

You can now infuse your opt-in forms to start giving away your lead magnets.

AND now, 9 months later, your baby is born.

How to Scale the Level-Up

Now, is this sustainable? When you start looking at areas of your life that need improving, ask yourself WHERE ARE YOU STRONG AT?

Drop you in areas that you thrive in…
Drop you in areas that you're strong in…

Then, drop someone else in the areas that you're weak in.

Eventually, I want you to form a “super team” where you're creating the vision & your “super team” is using this Level-Up strategy to bring it to life. Not good at editing your blog posts, Click here to view all the blog editors on Fiverr. Need help with your blog's theme or a page design, click here to view all the page designers on Fiverr.

Publicly Declare your Goals to Hold Yourself Accountable

You don't have to tell the entire world.

But don't keep your goals a secret either.

Find some people to publicly share your goals with.

But don't just share them, DECLARE them!

Declare that you DESERVE to improve these areas of your life.

Be open to feedback as well, but unless they have beat those levels themselves, be cautious about the advice.

Start posting your progress on TikTok for immediate feedback and motivation. TikTok is incredibly fun to use & the chances of your content getting noticed are 1000x better than Facebook. Linked In is also a great place similar to TikTok. Quite frankly, Facebook has turned into a pay to play nightmare unless you use their private groups, which I recommend if you want to start an accountability group.

Start an Accountability Group on Facebook

Start an Accountability Group on Facebook

This is perhaps the most important step, because nine months will come and go quickly.  The decade flew by.    I mean Lindsey Lohan is now the MOM in Freaky Friday and that's freaky. Justin Bieber joined Twitter during this past 10 years, and Twilight won all the awards, and I'm truly worried for our civilization.

Start a Facebook group for accountability. Each week give an honest assessment of how you did. Invite a small group of people who want to join you in the Level-Up Challenge OR send an email out to your list to see if there's any interest.

These goals aren't to impress people around you. You get real with them and your struggle & they will get real with you and their struggle. It's much better to be authentic and genuine and real than it is to “fake it til you make it”. What a bizarre way to build a business?

If you don't give up, and you give it a REAL effort, then your accountability partners are there to cheer you on. When you beat each level, they are there to celebrate with you.

When you don't beat levels, they are there to encourage you and offer help.

The main point here is to put yourself in a position where it's not easy to just give up with nobody knowing about it.

Yes, it puts you on the spot, but this is something you will need to learn to handle if you want to 10X your life!

In Conclusion – Are You Ready to Level-Up Your Life?

These ideas are here to inspire you, not necessarily to be taken word for word. They work when you apply them to your daily processes (that lead to a larger challenge).

Feel free to set your own goals, your own levels, your own improvements.

At the end of the day, if we are constantly improving and making forward progress, then life becomes more exciting.

Let's create a new holiday and call it Level-Up Day. Who's ready to level up their life? I'd love to get your feedback & ideas. Leave a comment and let me know how you plan to level up in 2020.

Share and Conquer,

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How to Level Up Your Life to Conquer Your Goals

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