How I Got a Free XPS m1730 – Sort of!

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A couple of months ago, I was very skeptical to try this.  There are so many scams and ripoffs out there – that I really thought I was getting taken for.. AND I recommend you use this method with extreme caution.

Here's the backstory:  A couple of years ago, I kept seeing all the “cool kids” carry their Apple laptops, and I'm sure you've heard that they are so easy to use – virus-free..

And bottom line, you just feel “trendy” and “hip” when you use Apple products.

So I gave it a shot.  I switched out my laptops with all Apple all the time!  Well – they do have their limitations.  For one, alot of the website editing that I was doing at the time – did not work on Apple and the compatibility problems that I experienced was probably not worth the switch.

Fast forward to two years later... After seeing a feature on Craigslist called: Barter – I decided to post one of my laptops on there just to see if anyone had anything worth trading for.

And after 1 hour – I had 30 responses – and a brand new Dell M1530.  It was brand new.. never been opened.. right out of the box..

Apparently – people who get new Dell's dream of owning an Apple.. :0)

So I posted my other Apple on there immediately.

The results:  A Brand New Dell M1730 – The Red Glow in the Dark Casing.

It's amazing!

Out with the old – in with the new – Cost: $0.

Just thought it was worth posting and sharing.  I always find it fascinating when people use their resources to get what they want!

Onwards and Upwards,


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  1. Ward Tipton

    Definitely cool and worth looking in to. I am in the middle of a lot of rebuilding at the moment but have bookmarked this site to come back and check out more. Thanks for your help with affiliate marketing. There are very few affiliate marketing trainers out there or if there are, they wouldn’t get on the phone with me.

    A laptop would be so nice to take me off this very unstable electrical grid where I currently live LOL While I do not have anything to trade at the moment, it looks like some of the programs you have here could help me to make it happen.

    With thanks
    Ward Tipton

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