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I receive an affiliate commission when you click on my affiliate links & purchase.  I give a portion of all proceeds to Alzheimer’s research as we search for a cure.  I am the sole caretaker for my 75 year old aunt who has Stage 5 Alzheimer’s so we can’t thank you enough.

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The Facebook Crush-It Video Series

A couple of months ago, I took a product and turned it into a $17 offer and stuck it in my members area.  The product was called, “How to Advertise on Facebook for Network Marketers“.  The idea is simple.  Facebook hates anything to do with MLM (because they would have a million of the same ads which would end up looking like Yahoo circa 1998). The video training series shows you how to circumvent the system to get your ads approved fast.  As I uploaded the videos to the membership section, I reviewed everyone of them.  I was mesmerized by the training, because it was so detailed and over the top that I had to take every single step to try it out for myself.

Here's the thing:  Just because the product says “for network marketers” doesn't mean that the same Facebook advertising rules don't apply to affiliates.  They do.  Affiliates can use the same system.. the same advertising structure.. the same trick and get phenomenal results.

After a month of finally testing and retesting, I think I have it!  My ads are finally getting approved fast – and my conversions are through the roof.  As I'm writing this – I see four new Clickbank commissions come in for a total of $258. I checked the Facebook stats:  I spent $4.18 to get $258 in commissions with one product. This is the real deal.

Why My Conversions on Facebook Are Really High

Why do you think conversions on Facebook would be higher than on Google?  The secret is to match the product with the fanpage.  So the fans automatically love the product – so if they see an ad for it – they are going to click it and buy it.

Cluephone just went off for most newbies and a few super affiliates.

How to Advertise on Facebook for Affiliates

Routines and Rituals:  I'm always talking about getting into a “profit” routine where the actions you take everyday lead to your financial success.  You've seen blueprint after blueprint, and you still seem stuck.  Every morning, when I wake up – I know that it's PPC time.  Time to tweak campaigns.. see what's winning.. see what's not.  Lower bids..  Increase bids..  Increase targets.. Decrease targets..  Laser Focus Targets..

And that's what I love finding:  The Laser Focus Targets that bring in a huge ROI.  That one product to market that matches so perfectly that you get a 10 to 20 times return of investment.   One of my most successful ads (as seen below) has been rejected over and over again by Facebook, and I'm running out of different ways to change it up to meet their guidelines.  This ad below – I cannot find ANYTHING in it that violates the rules of Facebook.  Take a look at the ad below, and see if you can find a way to improve it to get it to pass:

How Affiliates Advertise on Facebook

Facebook Advertising Terms
Advertised or Sponsored Products and Services
Ad Guidelines Reference: Ad Content (See Also Ad Creative and Positioning for Image, Language, and Targeting Requirements)
Ads and Sponsored Stories may not promote pornography of any kind, whether artistic or commercial. Ads and Sponsored Stories may not feature nudity, adult…
Language: Alcohol ads and Sponsored Stories may not: Include content intended to appeal to anyone younger than the permissible targeted age group or is oth…
ImageDating ads and Sponsored Stories may not use images that imply nudity or are otherwise provocative or sexually suggestive. Images may not show excessi…
Credit Card Apps:The promotion of credit card applications for accredited institutions (e.g. Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc.) are allowed, provided that…
Ads, Pages, and Sponsored Stories may not promote online gambling, games of skill or lotteries without prior authorization from Facebook. Guidelines for G…
Image:Ads and Sponsored Stories may not contain “before and after” images or images of unexpected or unlikely results. Ads and Sponsored Stories may not de…

Lead Generation

Any advertised or sponsored offer or opportunity must fully disclose the offer terms and conditions (e.g. commitment length, cost, etc.) and include a pri…
Prescriptions and Online Pharmacies:Ads and Sponsored Stories must not promote the sale of prescription pharmaceuticals. Ads and Sponsored Stories for onli…
Ads and Sponsored Stories may not contain content that is illegal or otherwise prohibited per Facebook's Advertising Guidelines. Prohibited content includ…


Ads and Sponsored Stories may not contain or link directly or indirectly to a site that contains spyware/malware downloads or any software that results in…
Ads and Sponsored Stories for subscription services must comply with all requirements below: Ads and Sponsored Stories for products that require a subscri…
Ads and Sponsored Stories for “get rich quick” schemes or other money-making opportunities that offer compensation for little to no investment are not all…

What Would You Do To This Facebook Ad?

Facebook Advertising for Affiliates

Okay here's the challenge:  For every ad suggestion below, I will tweak the ad and resubmit to Facebook.   Then, the person who submits the approved ad will win access to the Facebook Training Video Series at

Win the Challenge?

It's just a friendly challenge.  All you have to do is leave a comment (with your changes to the ad) and the first one that gets approved wins the Facebook Training.  Very simple.  You help me; I help you.

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  1. Kit Elliott

    Okay – I submitted and declined. I think I figured it out. I think the landing page is not exciting enough even though it has the highest gravity in Clickbank.. the landing page gives me the creeps. So I’m going to find a different product to promote with this ad.

  2. Cathy G

    Try This-
    Want Your Ex Back for Valentines Day?
    You love her and you know she feels
    the same. Making up is so very
    hard to do. Unless you know how!

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