Google Webmaster Tools Releases Keyword Positions!

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Remember last month when I posted on Rent a Coder some SEO work for SuperAffiliate.  I'm linking keywords to my site to increase pagerank for certain keywords and posting them on this site and other higher ranked sites.  However, everyone seems to have the same question:

What position am I in right now for what keywords?

This week, Google released an update on their webmaster tools.  My Rent a Coder posted the following message:

“I got the following table from Google webmaster tools, it gives the idea about the keywords from where the site is accessed by Google..

O. %age Query Position
1 42% super affiliate 6
2 22% operation super affiliate 8
3 5% “super affiliate” 7
4 4% videobox 13
5 4% kit elliott 5
6 3% avnads 10
7 2% superaffiliate 2
8 2% can you really make money with google ads 6
9 2% can you advertise on twitter 9
10 1% how to get listed on amazon 5
11 1% amazon kindle affiliate 8
12 1% 1
13 1% best twitter widgets 5
14 1% amazon landing page affiliate 6
15 1% amazon affiliate landing page 9
16 1% how to be a super affiliate 10
17 1% bidvertise 14
18 1% craigslist barter 15

Test it out for yourself.  Type any of these keywords in Google to see what position I have for each keyword.    To do this for your own site – is pretty easy:

Login to Your Google Account

Click on Webmaster Tools

Add Your Site and Paste the Google Code

That's it.  When your site is accepted, click on your site to view the keywords. I've heard they may take this down pretty soon.    I was surprised to see my #1 ranking for a keyword not even related to this site.

You would think “courtside playoff tickets” would come up for StubHub or TicketMaster, but no – it's!   Booyah!

Onwards and Upwards,


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