Google Doesn’t Know What SuperAffiliates Are? Google Slapped and Ways to Avoid It!

I receive an affiliate commission when you click on my affiliate links & purchase.  I give a portion of all proceeds to Alzheimer’s research as we search for a cure.  I am the sole caretaker for my 75 year old aunt who has Stage 5 Alzheimer’s so we can’t thank you enough.

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You would think that Google – being the pioneers that they are – would be savvy to understand what a Super Affiliate is.  Afterall, wouldn't you agree that if 90% of all online sales are made by SuperAffiliates, wouldn't it be safe to assume that Google was funded by these advertising SuperAffiliates during their first 7 years.  I've been advertising this website for 7 years now using Google Adwords.  I have never run into any problems until now.

It seems that they are now outsourcing to India the ad approval dept, and they are CLUELESS.  I noticed that my traffic had fallen off so I logged in and noticed a new message, “Your Adwords Ad Has Been Disapproved..”  Please do not submit it again.    Followed up with a “Your Adwords Account has been permanently closed because does not meet our guidelines.”

No notice..

No warnings..

No “please do this” to fix it..

JUST GOOGLE SLAPPED!  (Google “f**kt – more like)

I thought..   What are you talking about?  There is nothing different about this website except for the new logo change.    The same ads have been running for 7 years..

So I inquired with one of my Google insiders:

The rep said my site was a “GET RICH QUICK” website and they would not allow it.  I said – I'm not a get rich quick blog..     They said that the word “affiliates” are on their “red flag” list.

I inquired further…

Google is only interested in promoting the original company, and affiliates clog up the system with fake landing pages, phishing sites, and low quality score landing pages.

SuperAffiliate is NOT a landing page.. it's NOT a phishing site..

It's my personal marketing blog.. plain and simple.

I inquired further..

Do you know what a  “Super Affiliate” is?  Did you look at my site before shutting down my Adwords account?


“Increase Online Profits!” equals Get Rich Quick.

Okay – Google.

So I call up my friend who spends $1 million a month with Google Adwords, and we get to talking about the “Google Slap”.

He tells me that the Google slap has nothing to do with your landing pages or squeeze page or phishing pages..  it's all about relevance.  When customers click on your ad – they have 8 seconds to find what the ad says.

Here's where he says went wrong.

The ad said, “Signup for the free affiliate program.”  When people clicked on it – there used to be a BIG ORANGE BOX that says – signup now for the affiliate program.

The Adwords Expert says that the Google Adwords Reviewer needs to see a detailed page of what the user is signing up for.  They have to see a preview of what they are getting and SA didn't provide that.

Fair enough.

He then went on to say how to improve your Google Adwords Quality Score:

1.  Link to the page where the user can find the most relevant information.  Relevant to the ad.

2.  Distinguish your ads by saying Sponsored By or Advertisement.

3.  Imagine your site with no affiliate links – does it still provide quality and relevant information for the user?

Here's the new challenge:

Once they ban you – your banned.  They say all future accounts and new accounts will be deleted.

How do you get around that?  Change your name.. New Company Name.. New Account..   It seems ridiculous and inefficient.

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