UPDATE: Email Followup Campaigns – Million Dollar Followups!

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Deb has been talking about building a list, organizing emails, and building relationships with your list.  Keeping with this same spirit, I wanted to give you a screenshot and examples of follow up campaigns that automatically come with Infusionsoft.  Keyword:  Complete Marketing System

So you've signed up for Aweber or an autoresponder service, and now, it's time to create autoresponder series.  But you set in front of the screen and writer's block hits ya! Ever wanted to see a sample follow-up campaign?

The Complete Email Followup Schedule

When someone purchases anything from you – here's the email campaign that you can use to build that relationship:

Welcome to The Family Email Active Delay 0 Days
Additional Resources Email Active Delay 7 Days
Testimonials Email Active Delay 14 Days
Send The Gift Letter Active Delay 24 Days
Free Gift Coming Email Active Delay 27 Days
Did You Get The Gift? Email Active Delay 37 Days
Simple Check-Up Email Active Delay 45 Days
Survey Email Active Delay 60 Days
Refer a friend Email Active Delay 75 Days
FREE Information Email Active Delay 90 Days
Upsell/Cross-sell Email Active Delay 120 Days
Offer Follow Up Email Active Delay 125 Days
What More Can We Do? Email Active Delay 180 Days

Followup Specs:

Audience-new customers
Trigger– as soon as they purchase from you
Purpose– build the relationship, overcome buyer’s remorse, increase customer satisfaction, plant the seeds of referral, and lead to future sales
Relationship to other campaigns– could put them in a value/education campaign at the end of the sequence. Simultaneously send cross sell, up-sell campaigns
Call to action– almost none, eventually lead to additional sales, and referrals

This follow-up is more about building relationships with your buyers than it is about promote promote promote.  Somehow – some guru's have lost this sense about them.  They have a massive list, and since they get a 0.06% response rate everytime they promote something – that's all they do.

Email – Promote

Email – Promote

Email – Promote

That's annoying.

Well, let's try building that relationship first so you have a customer for life!

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