Does SEO give you a headache?

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Don't let SEO give you a headache!
Don't let SEO give you a headache!

There’s an interesting approach to life I’ve heard expressed as “I put the thought out to the universe because I really want it to happen.” In its simplest terms, it means someone is relying on faith, the law of attraction or myriad other forms of wishful thinking. When you apply the same thinking to the Internet as in “I put my website out to the universe because I really want people to visit it,” it’s a disaster.

Taking a passive approach will keep your website from reaching its highest potential. If you add action after you throw your website into the universe, then your prospects will come!

To compete online, you must coax your website from the millions of other sites floating around the Internet, waiting to be found. Actively optimizing your website for search engines is how you get visitors to your site. The better you optimize, the better the quality of your visitors. After all, getting just anyone to your site isn’t the point. Getting the right visitors to your site is how your website will contribute to business success. Search engine optimization encompasses a variety of techniques and tasks you can perform to help your website be found by the very people you’re trying to reach—your target audience.

If SEO gives you a headache just thinking about it, you’re sure not alone. Take a first step by exploring, researching and implementing some basic SEO tactics on your own:

  • Register your site with Google, Yahoo, Bing and DMOZ (Open Directory Project), which alerts these search engines to send crawlers to your site for indexing. The search engines must be told your website exists before it can be included in search results.
  • Write interesting and unique web content for your prospects, first and foremost, but also take into consideration how search engines find, organize and rank the information that pops up in search results. There are ways to construct content for a more positive outcome on search engines.
  • Determine the keywords and key phrases your prospects would most likely use when searching for the products, services or information you offer. Use these keywords in your page titles, page content and Metadata.
  • Remove obstacles preventing crawlers from including your site in search results. For instance, if your web pages are set up as graphics instead of HTML text, crawlers will not stop to index the information, greatly inhibiting the chances of your site being included in search results. Google is getting better at indexing graphics, but why take the chance.

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If your site isn’t listed on the first three pages when someone does a search using your keywords you’re missing out on potential business. Make a commitment to improve your website’s visibility by investing a little time in SEO and focus first on quick improvements like page titles, keywords, Meta tags and Meta description. It may give you a headache at first, but the more you learn, the less pain will be involved. In fact, the better you get at SEO and better your website does in organic rankings, I would wager the headaches go away and the universe will deliver excellent prospects.

Have questions about Internet marketing? This article was written by our traffic specialist, Debbie. Visit my site at

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