10 Fast Facts about Higher Organic Search Rankings

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1)  The best length for a search engine optimized page is 200 to 500 words. Source: www.morevisibility.com

2)  We recommend optimizing each blog post for 2-3 keywords (with 1 major focus keyword).

3)  Use a plugin that will give you the green light when you've reached the desired keyword density in your blog post.  Most plugins will turn green for your focused keyword when you use that keyword 2-3 times throughout your blog post.

The Most Important Meta Tags for Better Organic SEO

4)  The most important meta tag is the page title, which should be no more than six or seven words and should begin with the keywords you’re optimizing.  Update:  We recommend the premium version of Yoast for meta tag & keyword phrasing suggestions.

5)  22 percent of searches include four or more words. In January 2009 searches averaging five or more words increased 10 percent compared with searches conducted in 2008. Optimizing content for larger search strings is an increasing trend. Source: Hitwise

6)  Google robots like content-rich information.  Think newsletters, reports, articles, white papers, glossaries, FAQs, Blogs, press releases, tools (calculators, quizzes), how-to tips, case studies, guides and forums. Boost your rankings by bulking up your content.

Avoid Duplicate Content & Link to Quality Content for Better Organic SEO

7)  Fresh content is favored over outdated or unchanged information. Quick ways to add new content include testimonials, product reviews, blogs, or forums. Make new content is optimized as much as possible to increase your organic seo and grow your reach.

8)  High quality external links to your site help boost your organic ranking. Yahoo has the most well-known directory. Look for relevant directories and other websites with a PageRank and Alexa rank better than your own.

The Most Clickthrough Pages for Better Search Engine Rankings Organically

9)  Statistics show your website’s About Us page will be one of the most clicked on pages of the entire site. Spend plenty of time developing this page.  Provide substantial and credible information to reassure visitors they are buying from a reputable company or individual.

10) Tightly written web pages will have higher organic rankings than pages covering multiple topics. Create pages to cover only one topic, make it obvious to visitors that the page focuses on the specific topic and make sure search engines recognize the individual page is about the topic. Optimizing does not have to occur on a website-wide basis. Optimizing individual pages gives more opportunities for higher rankings.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be complex and intricate, but don’t stress out by trying to do everything at once. Simply understand the basics, make a plan and begin with the SEO activities likely to have the greatest impact on your organic search results.

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