The Quick Solution for Finding Available Domain Names

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Level: Elementary

So I found where this post went to – I pressed ADD NEW PAGE instead of ADD NEW POST!  YES – I'm still human – super human but still human! :0)  I thought about saying, “I'm getting old!” but I've seen 110 year olds with more “umph” than me.   But yesterday, I did have a “getting old” scare when my barber did the usual “high n tight” and I noticed nothing but grey hair on my lap.  But that's nothing new.

What was new:  My barber said, “You should get the Purple Shampoo!  It's for guys like you with grey hair.. It doesn't make your grey look yellow!” And here's the thing – I didn't know I had grey hair!!!!

So enjoy the “LOST” post that I accidentally posted in PAGES.  I'll be at the store getting “JUST FOR MEN!”

It's Kit Elliott with Week 1 of Afterschool Tutorials. If you are following along with my Free Ebook, “7 Days to Online Profits!” then this video below is for those on Day 2.

Finding a domain name can be extremely difficult. I do have a simple trick for finding domain names and a simple rule.

The simple rule is called, “The Radio Rule!” I listen to a ton of talk shows and NPR shows, and one of my favorites is Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. Every six months, they have a “call in for a free plug” of your website. It's simple: If you get through on the phone lines, then you can plug your business. The show is syndicated and reaches an audience in the millions. So I was listening one day when I heard someone plug their business: “I have a hair extension business, please go to”

Do you see why noone went to that site?

1) Hard to spell.

2) Hard to remember and repeat.

3) Hard to say.

So “The Radio Rule” is simple: If you say it on the radio, then your listeners must be able to spell it and type it in their browser with NO questions. You can test this out on your family members to see if they can easily bring up the domain name. If they can't, move on to the next one.

That's the simple rule – now check out the simple tool:

We recommend and use Hostgator for Domain and Hosting!

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  1. Johnny Optimist

    Great rule – the radio rule. I have done several posts on domain names, and will certainly incorporate a link back to this one in any future posts.

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