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Right now one of the best ways to boost your website’s organic search engine page ranking is start an external link campaign. These are links originating from another site connecting back to your site.

Do you know what links you already have? Your analytics application is a good place to start. If it doesn’t show incoming links, then try and

Next, review your competitor’s sites for ideas on external links applicable to your site. A site with over a hundred relevant links will rank much higher than a similar site with only three links. Not only do the links rate high with search engine crawlers, it obviously draws more traffic to your site from many other sites rather than just through search engine queries.

Think about existing relationships with associations and other membership organizations and get listed in the directories and in relevant content areas of those sites. Rather than a passive listing, make sure the organization creates a link back to the best page on your site. The link does not have to connect to your home page. Get creative.

Depending on the context in which your links appear (directory vs. web content), see if other sites will let you use keywords for the link. Avoid the dreaded Click here link as these will not be helpful with organic search results.

Articles and press releases posted on other sites, linking back to your site, allow good quality links and the ability to include keyword oriented links within relevant content. If you don’t have an electronic media relations program in place, today is a great day to begin.

High quality directory submissions such as Yahoo! business directory and carry a lot of weight with search engines.

Be discerning when you choose websites and directories for your linking campaign. Some search engine optimization services will offer to create hundreds of links for you, but they are not high quality. Many of the links will be to link farms—sites that exist only for the sake of posting links to other site. External links should be developed one by one and, like other elements of your business strategy, they must add to your overall goals and objectives. Bringing hundreds or thousands of unqualified prospects to your site, does nothing to further your success. You want qualified prospects coming to your site to take action.

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  1. Karl Schreiber

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    1. Kit Elliott

      Yes, I recommend getting rid of your comment spam software and start creating landing pages & sales pages. Then, place ads starting with Google Ads. Keep tweaking until you get them to convert. Then, start an affiliate program & let your army of affiliates promote for you KNOWING that you’ve already tested the landing pages & sales pages.


  2. Deona Maya

    I need affiliate marketing training so I can make passive income

    1. Kit Elliott

      Hey Deona,

      I just added “affiliate courses” in the main menu.

      Affiliate Marketing

      You will see Unstoppable Affiliate. Click that link for a next level Affiliate Marketing Training Course.

      I’m inside the community right now if you need me,

      Kit Elliott
      Super Affiliate

  3. Stevie

    Love your blog. I just subscribed to your feed.

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