UPDATED 9/16/2016:  As a former 6th Grade Science teacher, I love sharing what works & helping others grow. I come from a family of teachers: My brother is an ag teacher in Waco, TX. My sister was a kindergarten teacher in Fort Worth Texas. I taught 6th Grade Science in South Dallas, Texas. Teaching is in my blood….

Is there a way that we might work together?

Here are a few ways that we can work together.  Remember, time is a resource.   Let's trade that time to create something that will make an impact on you and everyone around you:

Webpagerank-checker-iconsite development help?

Free WordPress Installation when you go through our affiliate referral links.   We also provide complete team membership backoffices and complete blog installations/design for the solopreneurs who want to start branding themselves.

pay-per-click-iconLicense one of my ideas?

As an idea person and inventor, I have created over 120 products that help people in their daily lives.  I love taking the everyday product and making it better.   If you have the ability to do infomercials (like The Snuggie), then email me & let's work on OUR next billion dollar idea.   (Must sign NDA agreement / n-compete / equity split BEFORE any information is revealed)

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mobile-marketing-iconListen to My New Podcast:  The Unfair Advantage

Whoa!  I just released my own podcast called The Unfair Advantage & it's live on iTunes.

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social-media-sharing-iconJoin My Team?

Looking to join my team and take your game to the next level?   We have done-for-you systems that will help you shortcut the process and your goal is to follow the Leveraged Affiliate Marketing Blueprint to build your online business.

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Download my book and journal called Snack Diet, and let's get it started.  This is the absolute best way to lose weight, get mental clarity, and become healthy again.  I use it religiously in my own life which has allowed me to create & achieve TEN TIMES MORE than the average marketer.

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